Looking for an alternative to AskNicely?

Feedback should #StartWithTheHuman.

Only asking if someone would recommend you (NPS) won’t help you improve loyalty. You need to know the reasons why.

1. The why

Net Promoter Score is a tool for business growth, as long as you know how to improve it. You need to know the ‘why’ behind your NPS. AskNicely isn’t built for that. Starred is.

Don’t settle for an NPS only tool.

Measuring NPS is great for benchmarking.

But what do you do next?

Starred delivers actionable insights to boost your NPS.

Improving your NPS means higher satisfaction and therefore higher loyalty. Higher loyalty means revenue increase and churn decrease.

2. Engagement.

Still getting less than 10% response rate on your surveys? Other software will tell you that a ‘one-touch’ NPS survey is the solution. It isn’t.

“With an 80% response rate and extensive depth to the results we’re confident in turning insights into action.”
Salvatore Falgarini
Manager HR Core Processes HRIS

3. Opinion -> data

For you, feedback is a numbers game: turning opinion into data so you can improve what you do. Just don’t treat your customers like a number.

Starred feedback specifically targets individual experience


 Automate and integrate customer data into your invitations and surveys

 Ask the questions that matter about theirexperience

 Map out Customer Experience (CX) and lifecycles.


Starred brings your feedback to life.

Built to scale


Flexible API


Automate and Integrate feedback from- and back into all your systems


We help you leverage the full value of feedback data

Customer succes


The extra mile: we’ll help align NPS to your business goals


Tailor-made setup, onboarding and training


Expertise in analysis and feedback strategy

Building accounts


Account structures to reflect your organisation


Send out and analyse feedback at any regional/brand/management level


Unlimited # users. Feedback is for sharing

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