Opinions become data when you get feedback on your collaborations.

Feedback matters

B2B collaborations benefit from feedback just as much as B2C. Whether you work with 200 or 2,000 clients, building and maintaining strong relationships matters. Supplement regular client contact with structured, in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the collaboration over time.

Feedback matters

What clients say about Starred

"Partners should feel like they are a natural extension of our sales team. We use the insights to help them understand where their partners need more training and support."
Emily ffrench Blake Emily ffrench Blake

Global Head of Partner and New Market Sales

"The 47% response rate exceeded all of our expectations”."
Niels van de Sande Niels van de Sande

Manager Bavaria NL Support Centre

"Starred has bought the voice of our customer into our day to day discussions as well as more formal business reviews. It is a powerful tool that is driving behaviour change in a subtle yet fast way."
Susan Perry Whitehead Susan Perry Whitehead

EU Head of Customer Services

Start automating feedback

  • Personal follow up

    Follow up with clients personally and automatically from the person who sent out the feedback invitation.

  • Close the feedback loop with firefight email

    In case of negative feedback a ‘firefight’ email will be sent to the right person so you can solve issues immediately.

  • Hassle-free insights through enterprise dashboarding

    Get the complete picture. View company-wide or local trends and benchmark your data per client group.

  • Colleagues rights system

    Collaborate with an unlimited amount of colleagues and have every colleague view their own dashboard.

  • Learn about your drivers through our priority matrix

    The right priorities per client group in one matrix view allows you to increase client loyalty the fastest way.

Everyone benefits from Feedback

  • C-Level

    Use Net Promoter Score as KPI for investors and track company-wide improvements.

  • Sales Director

    Real time insights into how your account team is valued.

  • Client Service Director

    Know when a client is unsatisfied and act on it straight away.

  • Trade Marketing Manager

    Add NPS to your Account Based Marketing practices.

  • Accounts

    Line-up client satisfaction against client value and know where your risks and opportunities are.


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