Leverage your promoters and win back detractors through actionable feedback

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Let’s be honest

Let’s be honest

When you fill out a survey how often do you think “they probably won’t do anything with it”? You want to be heard as a respondent, so start listening as a company. Make it count - be responsive and close the feedback loop.

What clients say about Starred

"Since we started working with Starred the NPS of our stores grew from +46 to +58."
Jan Pieter Honkoop Jan Pieter Honkoop

Manager Client Satisfaction

"We increased our studio audience NPS by more than 20% through using Starred."
Niels Kleverlaan Niels Kleverlaan

Marketing Services

"Feedback via Starred is an early warning for customers that could potentially churn."
Caroline van der Lande Caroline van der Lande


Start automating customer feedback

  • Personalized feedback

    Approach your customers with a personal invitation and a single page feedback form with your own look and feel.

  • Conditional thank you pages

    Thank-you pages are based on a given score, so you can encourage positive clients to write a review.

  • Segmented and prioritized data

    Track company wide, or local trends real time per client group and act on prioritized insights for a maximum impact.

  • Close the feedback loop

    In case of negative feedback a ‘firefight’ email will be sent to the right person to be able to solve issues immediately.

  • Responsive design

    Starred invitations and surveys are fully responsive and work perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Everyone benefits from feedback

  • C-Level

    Use Net Promoter Score as KPI for investors and track company wide improvements.

  • Sales

    Promoters are your free sales force.

  • Customer Service

    Coach your agents and increase client satisfaction scores.

  • Data Analysis

    Tie feedback to Customer Lifetime Value as indicators of both future growth and churn.

  • Marketing

    Increase conversion rates by understanding your ideal customer.


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