This is how you can benefit from Starred

Starred makes client feedback fun and manageable again for everyone involved

Put the respondent first!

Very personal invitation

We achieve the highest response rates in the market place thanks to our super personal invitation, which includes the first question already in the email

Feedback form on one single page, that’s it

Starred respects your clients’ busy schedule with all questions on one single page and the submit button always in sight

Give your clients feedback on their feedback

Let your clients know automatically, yet personally what you’ve done with their specific feedback, and check how they’ve experienced that

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Turn your insights into action

Follow up on negative feedback instantly

Our fire fight system makes sure negative feedback will be followed up by the right person and problems will be nipped in the bud

Clear real-time dashboards

Our fire fight system makes sure negative feedback will be followed up by the right person and problems will be nipped in the bud

Priority matrix per client group

We believe the biggest benefit of Starred: the right priorities per client group in one matrix view to allow you to increase client loyalty the fastest way

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Easy to use software at a reasonable price

Clear pricing, 30 free trial

We don’t believe in start up fees, long commitments or unclear price plans. If you’re not satisfied you can cancel any time. That keeps us sharp

Plug & Play feedback form in our extensive SurveyStore

You don’t need an expensive consultant to create a good questionnaire; for most use cases we have a survey ready in our SurveyStore

Integrations with other systems

We offer smart APIs to integrate with other (CRM) systems for both sending out invitations as well as feeding back results automatically

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All the features!


For most use cases there’s a ready made questionnaire in our SurveyStore when you open your account

Conditional Thank you page

Thank you page based on a given score, so you can encourage positive clients to write a review

Own Look & Feel

Both the invitation email and the survey are in your own look & feel, which gets you the highest response rate possible

Multi-Channel Feedback>

Get verified feedback over multiple channels (like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp) including the right tags


With Starred you add the right characteristics 'behind the screens' with your clients on which you can filter the survey results

Firefight Email

In case of negative feedback a firefight email will be sent to the right person to be able to solve issues immediately

Holding Structure

The opportunity to mirror your org structure in Starred and giving selected colleagues appropriate access rights

API & Integrations

We have developed smart APIs to integrate quickly with (CRM) systems to automate feedback

Priority MatrixNew

The right priorities per client group at a glance to increase client loyalty (and business results) the faster way


Let your clients know automatically and yet personally what you’ve done with their specific feedback


Get a complete picture of your company’s status. Scores are real-time, comparable per client group with the right benchmarks

Security & Privacy

We take security and privacy very seriously and comply with standards and regulation

We are ready, so are you?

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