Feedback made simple, yet impactful

Our software features make asking for feedback simple, and analyzing feedback impactful. You’ll save time through our easy and ready-to-use surveys, and drive action through our priority matrix. Free yourself up to focus on what matters: your customers and employees.

Feedback on all devices

Reach your respondents where it suits them

Feedback on all devices
Fully responsive feedback

Starred invitations and surveys are fully responsive and work perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile. This way you can get verified feedback across multiple channels (like Facebook, Whatsapp, and email) and reach your customer or employee through their medium of choice.

Analyze with impact

Turn your real-time insights into actions

  • Leverage your positive feedback

    Thank-you pages on Starred are conditional upon a given score. This way you can encourage positive clients to write a review, or perhaps have them refer you to their network.

  • Act on feedback immediately

    In case of negative feedback a firefight email will be sent to the person responsible for this account. Issues can be solved immediately, and you can turn negative experiences into positive ones.

  • Give feedback on feedback

    Let your clients know automatically (yet personally) what you’ve done with their specific feedback. This way your respondents know that you've been listening to them and acted on their feedback.