Having the best touchpoints and asking the right questions at the right time throughout your Candidate Journey, will allow you to get the right insights and understand how your candidates truly feel about their experience with you.

It also allows you to see your company’s overall recruitment and hiring performance on a granular level, and lets you compare how your consultants are performing on an individual basis. Candidate Experience feedback gives you the opportunity to celebrate your successes, and learn what you can do better.

The end goal is to have happy candidates that will go away from their experience telling all their family and friends to use you in their next job search.

Getting started mapping out your feedback.

In a fast-paced industry where consultants are targeted on sales rather than their candidates’ experience, many recruiters are left in the dark about how their candidates truly feels about their company.

Recruiters are seeing the need to start getting feedback from their candidates more and more, to make sure they’re receiving a good service and will hopefully over time recommend their services to friends and family. Brand image and reputation can be beneficial in any company’s success.

Many recruiters understand that they need to jump on the feedback train, but don’t know where to start or what to ask to get the right insights.

This article will discuss the best practices on which touchpoints recruiters should use to reach out to their candidates, other than what type of questions work best.  

How to increase your feedback response rates

1) Start of Placement

Here you can ask a candidate questions once they have been placed in a role for say a week or month to see if it has met their expectations, and also see if their journey leading up to taking that position was a smooth one.

25% of candidates receive no preparation before their interview. How are you doing with this? Is your interview prep resonating well with the candidate and their needs? How did they experience working with you on their way to placement?

Here is an example of a well thought out survey you could use called Placement Feedback from our Template Gallery.

2) End of Placement

This is a touchpoint frequently used for temporary employment staff. The survey would be sent out once the placement has ended. This type of survey often goes out not only to the candidate but also the hiring manager. Here’s an example that you could send to a candidate at the end of the placement.

Bonus! Also survey the hiring manager so you get the complete picture of the placement from both the company- and the candidate’s perspective.

3) Rejected Candidate

When getting feedback, you don’t just want to get insights from candidates that have all been placed as you will not be getting an unbiased view, therefore at Starred we recommend sending out a survey to all those who didn’t make it, so you have a 360 degrees view of all candidate and applicants experience. 

Some of your biggest learnings might come from those you’ve rejected. These applicants will certainly be willing to share an opinion if you ask in an engaging and respectable way.

Here’s an example Rejection after CV Feedback template you could use from our template gallery.

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Ready to get started measuring Candidate Experience?

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