For many companies, Starred is the answer to traditional, dull customer satisfaction surveys. Starred is used to collect customer feedback on a structural basis, without bothering their clients with endless questionnaires. This way, Starred functions as a constant thermometer of satisfaction in your organization, and you and can effectively improve the customer experience with the help of the Priority Matrix.

More and more, companies approach us to evaluate the customer experience with their Customer Service departments. Customer service software & ticket systems as Zendesk or Freshdesk offer great support when it comes to handling and monitoring the (amount of) support questions. But these systems often lack a proper feedback solution. And that’s a wasted opportunity. Especially for customer service, it’s essential to determine whether a problem is really solved or the customer is left with a part of his question unanswered.

The shortest survey ever.

At Starred, we already limit a questionnaire to one single-page. But for customer service, we even go a stage further and suggest an even shorter route. Our system offers the possibility to ask the first question directly in the email invitation and we’re able to process this answer immediately:

When the answer is YES.

When a customer answers YES you can direct the customer to an extensive survey and ask what aspect of the service your customer particularly likes. But is this really necessary, and does this really benefit your customer?
We don’t think so! This answer tells you that you have a happy customer (Yeah!), so hold on to this happy feeling and don’t use more of his/her time!

We now offer the possibility to immediately direct these happy customers to the thank you page. And since you can adjust this thank you page to the given feedback, you can write special thanks for your happy customers.

When the customer’s answer is NO.

In this case, there’s a clear difference between the customer service agent and the customer. The agent thinks the ticket is solved, the customer believes the question is still unanswered. This situation can typically lead to unsatisfied and churning customers: the customer isn’t happy with the offered solution, but the company thinks it’s solved and doesn’t propose an alternative solution. So the customer remains unsatisfied and will likely not return to the company. You can solve this issue by checking if the problem is truly solved!

How? When a customer answers NO in the email, we direct the customer to a feedback form and ask him/her what part of the question is still unanswered and/or how the company can solve the problem. Then, we send a firefight email to the person that’s responsible for this customer within the company (or create a new support ticket) and provide the employee with the information needed to truly solve the issue. After submitting the feedback, the thank you page is now aligned to the unsatisfied customer.

Putting the respondent first.

Starred is strongly committed to putting the respondent first when it comes to collecting feedback. The number of feedback requests is increasing every day and many companies still use endless, irrelevant questionnaires. This blog shows you that asking for feedback can be done differently, should be done differently in order to keep getting response and sympathy from your customers. This new way of asking feedback will help get the feedback you need to improve your services.