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What’s new?

We recently updated the design of our feedback forms and offered our clients the option of how they want to send them - either all questions on a single page or one question per page. You can choose your preferred version in the Form Composer and try it out.

You can find the option to choose Feedback Form type in the top bar of Feedback Composer

We decided to offer two versions to our clients after performing multiple intensive studies and user testing.

Left: Feedback form displayed as one question per page
Right: Feedback form displayed as all questions on one page

The evolution

The first version of the Starred Feedback Form is a couple of years old.  Last year we started working on several improvements. Our ambition was to make it fast and fun for respondents to give feedback, be it on any device, in any country, and in any context. It was a demanding challenge. We set up 3 design rules that we respected at every step of the process:

  • Putting the respondent first
  • Building on knowledge, not assumptions
  • Granting easy access on any device

We wanted to provide gratifying, unobtrusive, responsive, fun, and accessible experiences through giving feedback.  The Feedback Form 2.0 was our answer.

We tested it for several months with a group of clients and learned a lot about how respondents are using it.  We noticed that the new version performs better in a matter of answered questions and respondents leave on average 22% more comments (which represent incredibly valuable qualitative data to our clients).

Confident with the test results, we decided to rewrite the new feedback form in super fast React technology and make it freely accessible to users.   

One question per page Feedback Form on a tablet

When we dug into the data, we observed that the one question per page design works better with the shorter forms. With the 3+ question blocks, the number of given answers decreased. We were determined to do something about that.

One question per page: The percentage of answered question dropped when the form is longer than 3 question blocks

We know that many of our clients like the original feedback form layout. One of Starred’s promises has been to deliver surveys which fit on one single page. The respondents can overview the whole form and skip questions they don’t want to answer.  

After many discussions and studies, we concluded that the best way would have been to tweak our original form, other than providing a new one.  

To verify our assumptions, we asked our clients which idea and approach they liked the most. The most votes were for the version with one question per page, but the second most popular opinion was to upgrade the existing feedback form.

The second most popular opinion in our preference test among clients was to continue working on improvements of existing feedback form
Some opinions of users who voted for multiple questions per page

We did various studies and tested a number of hypotheses in order to find a satisfactory solution. We examined many UI patterns to choose those that work the best and are pleasing for respondents.

We did multiple tests and formulated a few design hypotheses before we started the redesign process
We checked a lot of UI patterns to find the one that works the best
The original form vs. updated version. More prominent elements and more delightful graphics improve the general user experience for respondents. Visible comments icons boost the number of given comments. We decided to get rid of elements that distract respondents, like the partial score and make the elements that personalize experience more dominant - bigger avatar and a welcome note. Clients can also adjust the accent color of the elements
The final set of card components used in a new feedback form. We keep all fonts and paddings in the same relations to create cohesive, calm, and pleasant experiences.

Benefits for the clients

The new versions of the feedback forms have many advantages for our clients. They help them collect feedback and reach their business goals.

  • A higher completion rate. The total completion rate is almost 100% better on the new feedback forms’ versions
The completion rate of original feedback form vs. a new one
  • More comments. Respondents tend to leave 22% more comments on the new feedback form page
  • Speed. New versions open noticeably faster than the original one
Speed index [s] - 3G speed,  methodology:
  • Various UX improvements and increased readability on all screen sizes. We put extra effort into mobile devices. 63% of our feedback forms are opened on phones and tablets.  We improved the interactive elements; right now, they are fully adjusted for mobile interactions
  • Respondents spend slightly more time on new feedback form pages. The average time increased from 2 minutes to 2.1 minutes


We are very proud of the new forms’ designs. We have tested them thoroughly and with great results.
As for the version with all the questions on a single page, it works better with longer and more complex forms. The design with one question per page is a better choice for survey with no more than 3 questions.
We hope you will quickly adopt the new forms and cannot wait to hear your feedback!

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