Announcing Starred Webhook v1.1

API & Integrations

We recently released an upgraded version of the Starred Webhook. After conducting thorough user feedback, we arrived at the conclusion that improvements could be made to v1.0’s JSON body formatting. These improvements would be made to make Starred’s Webhook more developer-friendly.

We’re therefore proud to present Starred Webhook v1.1, which introduces a more developer-friendly JSON response body. Additionally we’ve added the following new properties to a JSON response:

  • Response URL (responseUrl)

  • Date Invitation Sent (dateInvitationSent)

  • Date Response Recieved (dateResponseRecieved)

This makes integrating with Starred even easier. You can read more about the technical details in our API documentation.

How do I migrate to Starred Webhook v1.1?

Due to the high volume of integrations with Starred, your account will not be switched to v1.1 by default. In order to migrate to v1.1 please contact support, so that we can ensure a smooth transition to v1.1

Will Starred Webhook v1.0 be phased out?

Once we have successfully migrated all Starred clients using our Webhook to v1.1, the older version(s) of the Starred Webhoo will be deprecated.

If you have any questions about Starred Webhook and API, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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