Update: Dashboard Calculations

Product development

We have good news!

By adjusting our default dashboard views, we can now calculate your dashboards and groups up to 8x faster! Dashboard calculations are now done within 2 minutes.

What’s changed for you on Starred?

To be able to calculate the dashboards faster, the default dashboard overview (e.g. the default group ‘All clients’) shows the average scores of the feedback given in the past 365 days. All dashboards with groups that do not have a time filter set for longer than 1 year are capped to 365 days. So, responses given more than 1 year ago are not included in the dashboard calculations.

Do you still want to see the dashboard averages including the responses given more than a year ago? No problem! With our time filter you can always include the responses from previous years. Select a start date in, for example, 2015 and determine the correct end date for the filter.

If you’ve got questions about this change, your dashboards / groups or other comments Don’t hesitate to get in touch via chat.

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