We automated customer feedback at Knab – The Netherlands’ most customer-centric bank.
Use case
Automated customer feedback
  • Feedback solution integrated into Knab’s Selligent marketing automation suite.
  • Mapping automated feedback to multiple customer touchpoints.
  • Branded, easy-to-use surveys in Knab’s own look & feel.
Key Results
  • Automated weekly NPS surveys triggered from Knab’s client database.
  • Servicedesk tickets automatically evaluated with NPS feedback.
  • 15-20% response rate. 70% survey completion rate.

It’s a story we’re always excited to tell: onboarding & technical setup complete in only 2 months, fantastic response rates, and valuable input in Knab’s NPS-driven growth strategy.

Knab positions itself as the most customer-friendly bank in The Netherlands. But don’t just take their word for it – they’ve won the Opiness ‘Best Service’ award for the banking industry the last three years in a row. Founded in 2012 to challenge the established ‘big three’ in Dutch banking, Knab has grown to become a major player in this market. In 2017 alone, Knab’s customer base grew 37%.

Knab prides itself on its customer-first approach. Its operation is entirely online, and where they don’t have their own products – such as mortgages and insurance – Knab prides itself on giving its customers impartial advice. Everything is geared towards the customers’ best interest. It’s truly a modern bank.

“We’re very happy with Starred’s ease of use for both ourselves and our customers. One of the biggest benefits is that it allows us to continuously monitor client feedback.”

Janneke Janssen
Database Marketeer @ Knab

Perfect fit, fast onboarding

In Starred, Knab found the ideal partner for customer feedback. ”We saw a lot of possibilities in Starred’s solution,” says Janneke Janssen, Database Marketeer at Knab. “Starred’s one-page survey was a really good fit for our brand. It’s exactly how we like to do things – transparent, clean, not overbearing.” In comparison to their previous tool, which only collected feedback by email, the advantages of Starred’s feedback methodology were clear from the outset. “Starred offers us the possibility to ask smart follow-up questions based on positive- and negative responses,” says Janneke. “Our team also finds Starred dashboarding very insightful and clear when it comes to breaking down our customer feedback.”

Part of Janneke’s role at Knab is reporting and gaining insights in NPS trends, and using relevant customer insights in developing campaigns. For the Customer Engagement team, everything flows through Selligent – their marketing campaign management tool. Starred’s flexibility to fit Knab’s branding proved a great success here. In under 2 months Knab was onboard on the Starred platform with a customized integration with Selligent. First segmenting Knab’s user base, a workflow was created to select over 500 private consumers on a weekly basis to receive feedback requests.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is measured year-round – “It’s one of Knab’s key metrics,” says Janneke. Getting insight from Janneke into Knab’s way of working with feedback makes it clear how important the customer-first mission is throughout the organisation. Weekly NPS measurement is used as a key indicator of how the business is performing. Things like reactions to changes in service and the impact of awareness campaigns are taken onboard and evaluated continuously. Qualitative feedback cross-referenced to specific events in Knab’s product timeline allows for an accurate understanding of the voice of the customer.

“Starred is a really good fit for our brand. It’s exactly how we like to do things at Knab – transparent, clean, not overbearing.”

Janneke Janssen
Database Marketeer @ Knab

Effectiveness of support

There’s a second automated feedback use case that Knab has running with Starred. Customers give feedback on their experience with Knab’s service desk. With these insights Janneke is able to compare effectiveness of Knab’s multichannel support. NPS is fully integrated and automated into the service desk workflow: department as well as agent performance is aligned with NPS benchmarking, further proof of Knab’s customer-centricity in full effect. As their service level steps up to encompass more channels – in-app chat, for example – maintaining this high standard is key. Service desk NPS average is +44.

By combining ongoing NPS with just a few other questions, the level of insight generated through Starred surveys builds further. These questions seek to validate Knab’s promises to its customers: do they provide a high level of advice and assistance on financial matters? Do they help their customer make smart choices? Do they feel their money and data is safe?

A click-rate of 30% of customers responding to Knab’s invitation to give feedback and 70% completion rate speaks to the high engagement in Knab’s customer base and the ease-of-use of the Starred solution to facilitate customer feedback. These numbers are immensely high for a B2C feedback proposition, and a testament to Starred’s fit with Knab’s customer-first approach.

-With thanks to Janneke Janssen and Angelina Kemper

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