Continuous feedback on Starred across multiple use-cases is
helping Randstad Group IT live
their core value of Human-Forward.

Human Resources
# Employees
Custom Starred integration
Objectives & challenges
  • Promote engagement & high quality communication between Randstad Group IT and other departments.
  • Feedback solution should be automated, flexible and scalable.
  • High response rates and segmentation of results.
Solution & Key Results
  • Event-based surveys for IT Servicedesk, measuring Customer Effort Score. Response rates 50%+.
  • CSAT surveys: continuous measurement of company-wide satisfaction with Randstad Group IT. Response rate up by 45%.
  • Agile feedback on new IT projects, E.G. evaluating satisfaction with Mondriaan – Randstad’s core CRM system.

Working with Starred response rates increased by 45% on their previous solution – engagement between Randstad Group IT and their internal clients has never been higher.

Randstad is a global leader in the HR services industry with 4,858 offices in 39 countries and nearly 38,000 corporate employees. With a promise of ‘human forward’ embedded into its core values, it’s no surprise that internal feedback is high on the agenda across Randstad.

Laura van der Kaaij is a Business Analyst at Randstad Group IT, specialising in End User Experience. In her role she coordinates and analyses internal client satisfaction.

In order to promote engagement and high quality communication between Randstad Group IT and other departments a flexible and scalable feedback solution was needed. This solution needed to provide high response rates and facilitate in-depth insights and personal follow-up.

3 Feedback Use Cases

Following a successful pilot in 2016, Randstad Group IT adopted Starred and has rolled out the solution for 3 major internal IT feedback initiatives, of which two run fully automated. The first use case is an ‘event-based’ survey which is based on closing a
service desk ticket. It evaluates satisfaction with the support provided by a Servicedesk agent

The second use case is a general CSAT survey which acts as a continuous thermometer gauging company-wide satisfaction with Randstad Group IT.

Ad-hoc feedback campaigns are the third use case. These are planned and delivered in quick succession around new initiatives at Randstad Group IT. The aim of these is to gather qualitative and quantitative input in a quick and convenient way, in order that projects proceed with having turned opinion into data. This approach helps align projects and products at Randstad Group IT with client expectations and business goals.

Human forward feedback

Working with Starred allows Laura to plan and implement feedback
projects in an agile way. Insights roll in continuously regarding satisfaction with Randstad Group IT, and new projects and initiatives can be evaluated in real-time with a short, effective runway between ideas and insights.

The general CSAT survey receives an averaged 27% response rate. This shows a 45% increase on Randstad Group IT’s previous feedback solution. In addition to the boost to engagement Starred has facilitated for Randstad Group IT in terms of response, Laura is also very positive about using Starred as a tool to follow up feedback in a personal way.

“At Randstad our core value is human-forward. That’s what we try to do in everything. We’re working with this principle for both our customers and flex workers, as well as internally: so B2B,
B2C, and B2E, the enterprise, our staff. Within IT we’re bringing this value to life with feedback.”

Laura van der Kaaij
Business Analyst, Randstad Groep IT

As the feedback and Starred champion at Randstad Group IT, Laura uses insights gathered to follow up personally with many respondents. In doing so, she’s living the Randstad core value of human-forward communication – building bridges and lines of communications across a large organisation
constantly looking to improve and innovate.

The positive impact of Starred is also visible through the quantitative and qualitative insights generated through ticketed Servicedesk surveys. By measuring Customer Effort Score 2 (on a scale running 1-7, a high score indicating low effort required), Randstad Group IT gains understanding of its Servicedesk’s effectiveness. Results showing 6.3/7 on CES2 indicate a very low effort required and an overall high level of satisfaction with service received.

Bringing feedback to life

Laura’s latest initiative in 2018 is running a product survey on Mondriaan, Randstad’s core CRM system, – a crucial project to receive feedback on given the number of stakeholders. It’s something Laura does often, and evidences the important role feedback plays within large enterprises like Randstad.

“I provide valuable insights to product owners of how their product or service is evaluated by its users, and they really appreciate the insights and take them onboard with the mentality of doing something meaningful with the data.”

Laura is also introducing a new online portal for Randstad which shows a roadmap to inform anyone from the Randstad Group what IT is working on. This portal is set to include requests and ideas so that anyone can contribute to the department’s progress. These kinds of initiatives combined with the continuous insights gained through Starred will set Laura and Randstad Group IT up for sustainable,
human-forward progress in
times to come.

-With thanks to Laura van der Kaaij at Randstad

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