The Office Operators

"At this high growth rate I wouldn't know how we should monitor quality without Starred"

Clients say: "thank you for handling this quickly and personally"

The Office Operators offer full-service office space at top locations. They offer various solutions. Martje Statema is responsible for quality at The Office Operators. She wants to maintain the high service level while the number of locations is growing fast. That's a major challenge. She says: "With the feedback via Starred I learn issues from clients on which I can respond immediately. I look at the feedback daily and respond personally. Clients are very appreciative of that and say: 'Thank you for handling this quickly and personally'. At this high growth rate I wouldn't know how we could keep monitoring quality without Starred".

With Starred The Office Operators turn opinions into data

Martje tells: "One of our locations has been improved significantly. I can tell that clients experience that positively from what they say to me. The scores I see in Starred show the same picture. This way I have the proof points as to what led to the higher scores". That's how Starred turns opinions into hard data for The Office Operators.

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