De Buurtboer

"With Starred we can tell our clients what we did with their feedback"

De Buurtboer gets feedback from clients on every level

"De Buurtboer offers lunches to companies that makes everybody happy", tells Caroline van der Lande, who founded the fast growing company in 2010. "We gather client feedback on all levels: business owners, our contact persons -mostly office managers- and of course the people that enjoy de Buurtboer's lunches daily". A couple of months after the first period of close contact with new customers de Buurtboer sends an invitation for feedback to check if everything is still meeting expectations. Caroline says: "We were quite surprised about the level of detail of the feedback. That allowed us to really offer targeted solutions. We have been able to tell our clients exactly what we've done with their feedback. A good example of that has been the feedback on our assortment. Based on that we've extended or offering of salads also offered more healthier spreads. Those have been structural improvements we've implemented based on remarks of our customers".

Early warning for potential churn

Caroline mentions another aspect of Starred that is of great value to her: "Sometimes feedback via Starred is an early warning for customers that could potentially churn. That happens at a stage that you can still do something about it. If an account manager responds well to the early warning we often times see we can make sure a client will stay"

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