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Want to Starred quickly? Follow these 3 steps!

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Thanks for your trust in Starred!

First of all, thanks voor your trust in Starred! Of course, we want to get you started quickly, so feedback can flow in right away!

Looking for other helpful resources, besides this blog? Visit our online help center at or contact our Customer Happiness Team at!

Step 1: Personalize your account

You can easily personalize your account by adding personal details and style to it.
Click on your photo on the right of your screen. By clicking on Account settings you can add personal details and company details to your profile.

If your company is already active on Starred you can easily gain access to your corporate page by clicking on Select company, below your profile picture.

 Expert tip:

  • Adjust the Thank you page that the customers receive after they have given you feedback.
  • Add your own office address. This will be shown under the invitation the customers receive.

Average duration: 5 minutes.

Step 2: The right survey

After personalizing your account, you will enter the Starred Forms section. We understand that every business is different and that one size fits all surveys will not lead to the best results. Therefore, you have the possibility to fully compose your survey as long as it meets the Starred promise: One page, that’s it!. In this blog you can find tips on how to make an ideal survey, it’s highly recommended!

In addition, we have our own SurveyStore where you can find pre-made surveys for different purposes. You can add these surveys directly in to your account and if desired, you can also easily adapt these.


Average duration: 5 to 30 minutes

Step 3: Inviting the customer

After you finished the survey, you are ready to invite customers for feedback!

Go to the section Forms and click on Invite, at the right of the desired form.

No worries, nobody’s is invited yet! It allows you to adjust the invitation text to your preferences. Just click in the text and you can remove, add or change text.

Planning on using the invitation more often? Click on Save right next to Select template and check the box Share with my colleagues, so your colleagues can use the awesome invitation as well.

We recommend you to import the customer contacts in Starred via a CSV file. This way, you can invite a large group of customer at once, but still keep it personal while inviting. An example of a CSV:

Firstname, Lastname, and Emailaddress are standard columns. However, you can choose to add other characteristics such as the characteristics shown in the example. This way you can afterwards filter the results by any property (detailed explanation here).

In addition, it allows you to personalize the invitation even more by typing ‘@’ in the invitation and then select the property you prefer.

Trouble with creating a CSV file? We have placed an example in Google Sheets. Go to File in the upper left corner and make a copy or download the file as .CSV. 

Done? Now you are all set to invite your customer for feedback! Just click on Send and your invitations are sent.

A little reassurance: The first few times that you are going to send out invitations, we will do a quick check to make sure everything is set before the invitations actually go to your customers! 

Expert tip:

  • Read tips on how to invite successfully.

Average duration: 5 to 10 minutes

Result: Feedback is flowing in!

After you have sent the invitations, you can monitor them on the Forms screen at Invitations.

Here you will find the following statistics:

From now on you will receive the feedback. You will be notified by e-mail when a feedback form is completed.

If you send large batches this is probably less desirable. We recommend you to go to your mailing preferences and uncheck 'new feedback', so the e-mail notifications are switched off.

We will still send you a ‘fire fighting alert’, when very negative feedback is given by a customer. This way you can immediately take action and recover the relationship with the customer in time before it’s too late.

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