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Analyse Feedback Results

Overall dashboard with realtime insights

Challenges and customer experiences arise every day. As a company, you don't want to wait for static reports or analyses, you want to be able to act on the feedback immediately. Starred offers you real-time and easy-to-analyze dashboards for all your surveys.

Compare view

By grouping the received feedback based on score, customer segment or time period, you can easily compare the results with each other and perform in-depth analyses.

Starred Priority Matrix

Our dashboards offer more than the overall picture of the feedback. The Starred Priority Matrix instantly identifies your main priorities, showing you which improvements will increase your customer loyalty.


Customer feedback helps you to improve your service for your customers. But how do you know whether the changes you made are actually perceived as improvements? Re-rating helps you find out, by stating exactly what’s improved on a specific aspect and by asking your customers to re-evaluate their feedback on these aspects.

Download responses

In addition to viewing the results online, you can also download the responses as a csv file. This way, you can perform your own additional analyses.

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