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Personal invitations

Thanks to our personalised emails we get the best results. Users can add an infinite amount of client properties to the invitation emails like for example: Date of registration, Gender, Support Officer, Country and more. Studies and our own experience show that more personal invitations increase the response rate on your survey. Providing feedback is even easier and faster by asking the first question (NPS or CES) directly in the invitation email.

Feedback via multiple channels

We ensure that however your customers interact with you, the way you collect feedback is in line with this. By asking feedback via multiple channels (email, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) you get a complete view of the customer experience across multiple service channels.

Automatically send out invitations

Use our API's to automate the invitations for feedback and incorporate feedback into other (CRM) systems.

Cooling down period

The cooling down feature prevents clients from receiving multiple invitations for feedback within a certain time frame.

Conditional thank you page

Make sure that you thank your clients for their feedback in an appropriate way. With a special thanks, tailored to the score that's given, your first response is personal. This way,you can use the positive feedback for exposure or let your negative customers know how you want to improve their experience.

Firefight email

When you receive negative feedback, a firefight email is sent to notify the person that's responsible. This way, any damage can be restored immediately.

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