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Starred helps Financial Services companies to measure, analyze, and improve Candidate Experience.
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Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven hiring

Easily collect feedback from your rejected, withdrawn, and hired candidates at each stage of the hiring process. Use insights to make data-drive decisions to your Candidate Experience.


top talent with a positive Candidate Experience as candidates are more likely to recommend you.


high quality candidates as candidates with a better experience are 38% more likely to accept your offer.


cost and time to hire by finding inefficiencies in your recruitment process.

The benefits our customers in Financial Services see

Actionable insights

Make data-driven decisions to your recruitment process

Use actionable insights to identify specific areas of improvements, filtered on all levels such as recruiter, department, location, and hiring manager. This allows you to make data-driven decisions that result in improved recruitment outcomes. You can even benchmark your scores to your peers in Financial Services.

Candidate Experience dashboard for companies in financial services.
Automated feedback collection

Spend zero seconds on data collection

Starred integrates with your Applicant Tracking System and automatically collects feedback from your rejected, withdrawn, and hired candidates at each stage of the recruitment process. This saves hours every week for recruitment teams to focus on other important tasks.

Candidate Experience Surveys are automated through your ATS.
cost savings

Hire better talent faster at a lower cost

Starred helps you identify inefficiencies in your recruitment process. Make data-driven decisions that lead to a more effective recruitment process, which in turn will save your company time and money.

Starred finds inefficiencies in your recruitment process allowing you to hire faster at lower cost while improving your Candidate Experience.

Security & Compliance

Starred is the only provider that is ISO 27001 certified and designed with compliance in mind. A secure way to collect and store candidate feedback without any risk of data breaches while remaining GDPR and CCPA compliant.

The only ISO 27001 certified Candidate Experience Platform on the market.

What are candidates saying?

"My interview was cancelled twice at the last minute and I needed to chase the interviewer to reschedule."

Rejected after Interview
Candidate applied for a Finance role

"I was highly impressed with my conversations with the interviewers, and as a result, I am now even more impressed with the company."

Withdrawn after Offer
Candidate applied for an Engineering role

"A lot of times it felt the questions and scenarios were too repetitive. Ideally, it would be nice to have different questions being asked with each interviewer."

Rejected after Interview
Candidate applied for a Recruitment role

"Very quick turnaround time for feedback post each call, good preparation materials for each stage of the interview process, and transparency throughout the interview process as well."

Rejected after Interview
Candidate applied for a Marketing role

"The process is quite clear and the hiring contact was always available to answer questions. The only reason it’s not a 10, is I applied 6 months before I was contacted. Personally, it wasn’t a problem for me but maybe for others it could be."

Candidate applied for a Sales role

"I wish I had received more information on what to prepare for the final interview. I think that me not knowing exactly what the interview was going to be about has hindered my chances to get the job"

Rejected after Interview
Candidate applied for a Finance role

"My interview kept getting pushed around until they cancelled. Really unprofessional."

Rejected after Interview
Candidate applied for an Engineering role

"Starred is integrated into our daily jobs and every single member of the team is able to see its value and how we can use it to become better at what we do."

Daniela Patiño Hernandez
Coordination & Candidate Experience Specialist
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"Using Starred has allowed us to give a voice to our candidates and to prioritize what matters to them. We know exactly where we can have the most impact and we can translate that into team KPIs."

Denise Garcia Vilte
Talent Acquisition Manager
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"Starred is the ideal tool to measure Candidate Experience. The surveys are easily sent out, and in the dashboards, we can easily perform analysis on which we base our actions."

Suzanne Mars-van het Hof
Sr. Project Coordinator Talent Acquisition
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