Maak kennis met onze klanten

“Partners moeten het gevoel krijgen dat ze een natuurlijk verlengstuk van ons Sales team zijn. We gebruiken de inzichten om te achterhalen waar onze partners meer training en support nodig hebben.”
“Starred heeft de voice of the customer in onze dagelijkse discussies, alsmede in onze formele business reviews gebracht. Het is een krachtig systeem, dat zorgt voor veranderend gedrag op een subtiele, maar snelle manier.”

Lees hoe onze klanten Starred gebruiken

“I can personalize, I can test. For me the ease of use is really great.”

“The high response rates are thanks to the ease of use of Starred.”

“Starred is a perfect match with DQ&A’s mission to optimize based on data driven insights.”

“I’m very happy with the flexibility. With Starred I’m behind the steering wheel.”

“We increased our studio audience NPS by more than 20% through using Starred.”

“With Starred I learn about client issues on which I can respond immediately.”

“Since we started working with Starred the NPS of our stores grew from +46 to +58.”

“Feedback via Starred is an early warning for customers that could potentially churn.”

“The response rate was super high, 78%. We have never had such a high response rateВ”.”

“Starred offers us an easy way to set up client satisfaction research.”

“Starred feedback is essential for the development of our professionals.”

“With an 80% response rate and extensive depth to the results we’re confident in turning insights into action.”