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We lend an ear to our users’ needs and constantly upgrade our application so that your efforts to improve don’t feel like efforts at all! Below, you can find the updates divided by month, so you can trace back the history of those updates that make your experience seamless.

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Template Format Toggle

  • The users can now choose which template format they want to use (One Page or Card) on a form level, and not on an account level. This increases their response rates.
  • Bullhorn users can now map Recruiter/Consultant’s email to the sender email field in Starred Connect in a workflow.
  • When feeding data back to any integration, users can access three additional fields: Date Survey Sent, Date Response Received, Survey Response URL.
  • We added Japanese as a survey language on the platform.

Template Preview on Devices

  • The preview function now lets the users see what their forms look like on One Page Format, Card Format, phone or tablet.
  • Greenhouse added to Starred Connect as an integration option.
  • Feedback Form 4.0 was redesigned for clients using the One Page format. Read more about it here.
  • We added the Candidate Reference Template to the Template Gallery, so the users can capture reference information in an easier way.
  • We added Single Sign On to the platform and migrated all our users to a more secure login procedure.

New Registration Flow

  • We have updated the registration experience: the users can now onboard efficiently and get help with learning the platform.
  • We added three new Candidate Experience templates to the Template Gallery: “New Hire: Candidate”, “Hiring Managers” and “Rejection After Interview”.

Feedback Form 3.0 Launches in Beta

  • The new Feedback Form 3.0 loads faster - also, the form now has animations and lets you customize the color of the progress bar, buttons, and elements to match your branding. Now you can also see a small banner that outlines our cookie policy to a respondent.

Starred Connect Launches in Beta

  • We launched Starred Connect, our integration hub that connects external systems like ATS and CRM platforms to Starred, so you and your respondents can get a high-quality feedback experience! Read more about it here.

Starred Connect Launches in Beta

  • Our clients can use the Template Gallery to instantly find templates that only on valuable touch-points in CX, like Application, Placement, or Interviews. We also added three new Candidate Experience templates in the Gallery: Employer Brand Feedback, Candidate Assessment Feedback, and Feedback After Interview.
  • We added Icelandic as a survey language on the platform.

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