Talent Acquisition teams & Starred

Use Candidate Experience insights to improve the performance of your Talent Acquisition team

"Starred allows us to keep a steady, real-time pulse on what our candidates are thinking. We have no shortage of responses, because of the easy UI for the candidates. We love that Starred has pre-programmed templates to start from."

Jess Robson
People Operations Manager
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“Candidate Experience is about starting with the human. Recruitment is one of the most human careers, and yet Candidate Experience is often forgotten about. We want to change that”

Lars van Wieren
Co-founder and CEO
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“One of the great things about Starred is the ability to say how we are doing against our industry. It helps us understand where we need to improve. “

Mathias Connot
Vice President of Talent Acquisition
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Starred is a solution that works for the entire Talent Acquisition team

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For Recruitment Managers:

Say goodbye to endless data reports. Use predictive analytics to focus on the areas that will maximize impact. Go beyond the surface by zooming in on department, recruiter, job function, and more.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your team are performing
  • Identify areas for development and praise
  • Analyze quality of hire across teams

For Recruiters:

  • See how you are performing in the eyes of your candidates
  • Identify areas for improvement easily
  • Understand what your candidates care about most

Features for Talent Acquisition teams:

  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Priority Matrix[.c-title]Ensure that you are focussing on the right areas to improve Candidate Experience. Our priority matrix allows you to identify the areas that will have the most impact on your candidates[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Dashboards[.c-title]Next to the priority matrix, your standard dashboard offer; response rates, NPS (timeline, distribution, comments), Question block summary chart and question ranking chat[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]User rights[.c-title]Manage user rights on an individual level to provide the right access to the right people[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Survey Template Gallery[.c-title]If you need some inspiration on areas to gather data, we’ve got a full template gallery to suit all your needs and get you started quickly[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Monitoring and alerts[.c-title]Be alerted to negative feedback (fire-fight alert) and be able to quickly remediate a negative situation, turning them into promoters[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Advanced invitation settings[.c-title]Include the most important question in the invitation email, schedule invitations, manage reminders and more[.c-bullet-content]

There is even more!

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