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Susan Perry Whitehead

Susan Perry Whitehead

EU Head of Customer Services

Sue Perry Whitehead is responsible for customer support for the whole of Europe at Deutsche Post. She expressed their need for a customer feedback tool that would provide insight both on a local and on a regional level. Sue says: “The tool has a ‘light touch’ that our customers seem to appreciate; we are very pleased with our response rates. Implementing the customer feedback tool in six countries across Europe has been quick and easy to do. This is thanks to the support of the Starred team and the ease of use of the Starred tool. Starred are a young, friendly and dynamic company; nothing is too much trouble for them. They epitomise ‘the answer is yes, now what is the question?’”

“Starred epitomise ‘the answer is yes, now what is the question?’”

In a period of six months Deutsche Post improved their Net Promoter Score by seven points across the six regions in Europe where Starred had been implemented as customer feedback tool. Sue elaborates, “”Starred has brought the voice of our customer into our day-to-day discussions as well as more formal business reviews. It is a powerful tool that is driving behaviour change in a subtle yet fast way.””

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