"Starred offers a strong combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback offering enough opportunity to give comments and suggestions"

“CompaNanny is different because we’re aiming at the development of children and not just on child care. And we’re service oriented towards the parents”, says Elles van den Berg. Elles is Manager HR & Recruitment with the company that provides child care since 2003, and kept on growing despite the economic downturn of the past couple of years. At this stage CompaNanny has 17 locations and provides care and development to roughly 3,200 children on a weekly basis with a staff of 700 people. Soon CompaNanny will open it’s 18th location in the number one business area (Zuidas) in Amsterdam, as CompaNanny is located in both living areas as well as business areas, like Amsterdam Airport. Next to that CompaNanny offers child care at home in some regions.

“Both customer feedback and employee feedback in the same platform”

When Elles is asked what challenges she faces in human resources she mentions the surge in demand on the labour market. “For years the government gave signals to not take on a pedagogy education, because it would be difficult to get a job. As a result the number of applications in child care started to drop. So today, we have to be aware to be proactive in recruitment”. And what are challenges you face with the current staff? “As we grow we need to focus on becoming a bigger organisation while making sure we maintain our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. At CompaNanny often time good ideas come from the people who work at our locations, which we appreciate and encourage a great deal! With growth comes also getting a more structure organisation, but I think it’s important to not loose the focus on the CompaNanny culture and keep on paying attention to it.”

Before, Elles tells, there had been no structural insights into how quality and culture were developing on the locations and at the headquarters. To get those insights CompaNanny uses Starred HR now. Elles tells which actions have been taken: “In preparation, together the research department, we have determined what we would like to ask our employees. The acknowledgement of the value of these insights made us decide to choose for a professional solution provider. Furthermore we were looking for a strong combination of quantitative and qualitative feedback, offering enough opportunity to give comments and suggestions. Open feedback is important to give meaning to the ratings. Having both customer feedback and employee feedback in the same platform proved to be a big advantage. Finally we did choose for Starred because of their promise to show the questionnaire always on one page, which makes it easy to fill it in in no time.”

““An employee research without feedback to the staff is no employee research””

What is been the motivation for employees at CompaNanny to share their opinion in the research? Elles says: “We find it important that all of the staff can give their feedback to the organisation to improve things together. That the response rate is so high is because of the fact that we’’ve shown to the employees that we’’ve taken their feedback seriously and that actions are being taken based on their feedback. An employee research without feedback to the staff is no employee research. The second time our survey had a higher response rate than the first time, which proves that employees feel good about it and had a positive experience the first time. On each of our locations the results are presented and discussed. That’s the responsibility or our location manager, supported by the research department and my team. An example of one of the outcomes is the issue of ‘accessibility of the manager’. Based on the research new procedures have been agreed upon. It could be difficult for someone to bring this up with their manager, but because the survey is anonymous, the research brings sensitives matters to light as well.”

“The priority matrix in the dashboard showed that the policy around our disease policy could be clearer”

Elles gives an example of an HR policy issue that has been improved based on the results of the research: “The priority matrix in the dashboard showed that the policy around our disease policy could be clearer. Employees did not quite know what the procedures were. We made this much clearer, also by creating a two minute video that explains what to do in case of sickness. As a result we did see an increase in the rating on this subject.”

“For sure there is a connection between happiness of the staff and the satisfaction of our clients on a location”, says Elles, “but more factors come into play, and as a result the correlation can not be established completely one-on-one. If we talk about a new location, for example, we see that CSAT is usually higher.”

Elles is passionate about CompaNanny’’s mission: “We believe in a better world, and develop generations on a daily basis that will contribute to that. At CompaNanny we invest in the development of children to build a social and respectful new generation. At the same time we are a commercial business, as we believe this goes well together. To maintain our culture and further optimise it, it is very valuable for us to get insights into the happiness of our staff regularly, as they work on these future generations every day!”

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