""Starred is the new way of doing feedback.""

What were the underlying reasons for Bavaria to start using Starred for your customer research?

Recently we developed a new strategy for Hospitality in the Netherlands. With this strategy we now work with our clients. To be sure that the collaboration is also fruitful for our customers we resolved to monitor their satisfaction more closely.

We have a fast way of working, to be as flexible as possible for our clients. We recognised this trait in Starred, who make it possible to quickly and easily do research.

Who are the customers that you approach with Starred?

In the first place we focused on the out-of-home market - this includes all Bavaria outlets, such as restaurants, bars, sport clubs, drinks vendors etc.

What specifically did you want to map out using Starred?

Establishing our NPS score - the Net Promoter Score is a powerful way of measuring customer loyalty. Next to that we wanted to test our strategy, and customers’ experience of our service level: availability, expertise, delivery etc.

We wanted a survey that was appealing and manageable for our customers, thus we chose the shortest variant. We promised it wouldn’’t take more than two minutes of their time, that it’’s all on one page, and that we wouldn’’t approach them on a monthly basis for feedback. We believe this contributed significantly to its success.

And what did you learn?

Most importantly that we now have a better idea of how our customers perceive our service. We want to be the most customer-friendly brewer. Addressing comments from the surveys will help us reach this goal.

Next to that, with the help of the feedback we can further develop our strategy. Something that came out of our results, for instance, is that we need to better present our extensive beer portfolio to our clients. A motto in our strategy is “”voor elk moment een passend biertje”” (a fitting beer for every moment) and we really believe in this, especially with our recent acquisition of Palm our selection has grown even further. Thanks to the research we know to give this extra thought.

What was the response rate from the group you approached?

We achieved a response rate of 47%. We thought we’’d get a good response because of the relationship we have with our customers, but this score exceeded all of our expectations.

““The 47% response rate exceeded all of our expectations””

Prior to the survey we sent out a notice under the names of our Account Managers, and the survey itself was sent with an invitation from our General Manager, with the aforementioned promises (maximum 1 page and 2 minutes taken). This is a unique Starred feature.

What did you do with the feedback given?

We evaluated all the feedback and made a plan of action based on the results per territory. We’’ll tackle these points and then get back to our customers with the results. Not just our Account Managers, but all departments got involved, creating a hugely positive flow among our clients as well as our colleagues.

“”The feedback instilled an enormously positive flow with our clients as well as our colleagues””

So feedback really came to life in Bavaria with your Account Managers? Also, how were the results shared?

It’’s extremely popular and provides that extra bit of awareness. Now we have a baseline, we can concretely shape our next steps, and climb up the so-called NPS ladder.

What else can you see yourselves using Starred for?

In this study we focused on the customers we delivery our goods to directly within the out-of-home market. In the future we want to expand the scope to include all our customer groups. For example, customers who make use of our services at events. So we want to build this up slowly, and so I see many more possibilities for which we’’ll use Starred.

““The Starred method is quick, short and provides a lot of information. That helps us enormously.””

Would you recommend Starred to others?

Yes, absolutely. I think this is the new way of doing feedback. With customer satisfaction surveys everyone pays attention to the bar at the top, clicking through and seeing you’’re still only on 12%. That’s why I’’m so happy with Starred, with the methodology of a digital A4 sheet - collect feedback and you’re finished. It’’s quick, short and provides a lot of information. That helps us enormously. Starred’’s quick way of working is a perfect fit for Bavaria.

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