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"In our market place it's a battle for the professional candidate That's why it's crucial to measure their satisfaction with our services"

STAR asks professionals for their feedback and reacts immediately if necessary

STAR is market leader in project management, consultancy and secondment in the oil and gas industry. “Think of companies like Shell, BP, Exxon and Gasunie”, says Gijs Outmaijer, HR Advisor and responsible for the structure and HR policy regarding all professionals. “We use Starred to measure feedback from professionals on our services and to allow us to attract, engage and retain them, because that’s what it’s about in this business.” Reporting is shared via the operational managers to the consultants who provide the services to our professionals on a day to day basis. At STAR they have insight into the feedback on an individual level.

Gijs finds the Starred tool very easy to use:

“I can personalize, I can test. For me the ease of use is really great. I can do almost anything myself.”

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