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Emily ffrench Blake

Emily ffrench Blake

Global Head of Partner and New Market Sales

Spotify works with Partners to represent their Advertising Sales division in countries where they do not have an office or in subsets of larger markets where a Partner may have a strength that Spotify doesn’t have ie: local radio sales in US, Rio and Brasilia sales in Brazil. Spotify uses Starred to connect with their Partners to ensure Spotify is providing them with everything they need to represent Spotify effectively.

Emily ffrench Blake, Global Head of Partner and New Market Sales, from Spotify will elaborate on their use of Starred.

Spotify & Partners

Emily: “I lead our partner and new market sales division. We work with partners to represent our ad sales division in 35 markets across the Globe where either we don’’t have our own office, or in large markets where we feel we would be better served by a partner to cover a certain geo, ad product suite or customer segment.”

Training & evaluation

Spotify trains all its partners and guides them with sales materials so that Spotify’s interests are well-represented. Therefore Spotify wants to gain knowledge of how well they service their partners, and what improvements they need to make. With Starred they can approach all their sales partners across Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. “We want to ensure we are servicing our partners as best as possible so they have everything they need to confidently represent us. Partners should feel like they are a natural extension of our sales team. Spotify uses the insights gathered through Starred to help them understand where their partners need more training and support.”

Improvements and NPS

The feedback we have received has consistently improved over time as we use the data from previous surveys to improve our client services levels”.

Spotify did not have a specific NPS goal. “The higher the better! We were just looking for insights into how well we were servicing partners and then to use these to continue to improve our service level.” The NPS is +71 - something to be really proud of.

Starred in the future

For the reseller evaluation Spotify currently uses the Starred platform with 10 partners in Europe - moving forward they would like to roll this out globally to all of the 35 countries where they work with partners.

What Net Promoter Score would you give Starred and why?

“We give Starred a 9. It’s been very insightful!”

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