2023 Candidate Experience Benchmarks

A deep dive into the state of Candidate Experience.

Join our annual 1-hour webinar on Wednesday, February 14th at 11AM (CET), where Chris Laumans, our Lead Data Analyst, will talk us through the state of Candidate Experience in 2023. We'll talk all about:

  • The current state of Candidate Experience, based on responses from 200,000+ candidates
  • Candidate NPS breakdowns by industry, region, country, source, stage, touchpoint, and more
  • Detailed analysis of over 100,000 qualitative candidate comments, revealing what candidates talked about and how they felt about it
  • Understanding response rates and what drives them
  • A detailed comparison to our 2022 Candidate Experience Benchmarks
  • An early look at the state of Hiring Manager Satisfaction in 2023
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Chris Laumans
Lead Data Analyst
Mark Berendsen
Chief Revenue Officer

What is this webinar about?

2023 has been a difficult year for many recruitment teams. Economic uncertainty and shrinking budgets have increased the pressure that many teams are feeling, but a surprisingly resilient labor market means that many recruiters are aiming to achieve ambitious hiring goals. 

As many recruiters strive to do more with less, the importance of creating and maintaining an excellent Candidate Experience for securing important talent is only increasing.

As the leading platform for Candidate Experience Analytics, we’ve collected data from over 200,000 candidates to uncover how companies around the world are doing when it comes to Candidate Experience.

We're hosting a one-hour session where Starred’s Lead Data Analyst, Chris Laumans will talk us through how Candidate Experience has developed throughout 2023. 

Webinar attendees will receive the report early, and we'll also give you an exclusive early look at our 2023 Hiring Manager Satisfaction Benchmarks.

You can expect to hear about: 

  • What are candidates saying in their responses?
  • How does Candidate NPS differ between rejected, withdrawn, and hired candidates?
  • How does Candidate NPS differ between candidates who were rejected after a screening, after an interview, and after an assessment?
  • How does Candidate Experience differ by country, and what are the main differences between EMEA and Americas?
  • Which sources are the most effective to hire candidates, and which ones provide the best Candidate Experience? 
  • How does Candidate Experience for internal candidates differ from external ones?
  • What parts of the recruitment process impact Candidate Experience the most - and which ones don't?
  • What drives candidate response rates, and what types of candidates have the best response rates? 
  • How does all of this compare to 2022? 

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