The Candidate Experience Benchmarks: 2022

Benchmark analysis on Candidate NPS and the drivers behind it

Join our webinar where Lead Data Analyst, Chris Laumans, will talk us through how Candidate Experience has developed in 2022. We will answer your questions around:

  • How much does cNPS vary on location or company size?
  • Which source performs the best? Or what department scores the lowest?
  • What makes candidates give you a 4 or a 10?
  • How do the Hiring Managers feel about working with the recruitment team?
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Chris Laumans
Lead Data Analyst at Starred
Mark Berendsen
Chief Revenue Officer

What is this webinar about?

A lot has happened in 2022, Rising inflation, huge amounts of layoffs, and a continued scarcity of talent in certain sectors. The working world is ever-changing, as is recruitment. New post-pandemic developments, such as remote work and an increasing amount of Gen Z candidates, have made candidates’ expectations develop at a rapid pace.

So, how do you keep up? It all starts with hiring. It’s key for companies to deliver the best Candidate Experience possible to attract, retain, and hire the best talent out there.

As the leading platform for Candidate Experience Analytics, Starred will host a webinar on the state of Candidate Experience. We’ve collected data from over 130,000 candidates to uncover how companies around the world are scoring on Candidate Experience.

  • The 2022 Candidate NPS Benchmarks. Broken down into different levels such as: department, stage in the process, country of the candidate, source, industry, internal vs external candidates and more.
  • Hiring Manager Experience Benchmarks
  • What has happened in the world and does our data reflect that?
  • Forward-thinking. What do we expect for 2023 and beyond?