Feedback Form Composer 2.0

Jari Sanders Jari Sanders

Head of Product

Chances are that you’ve already worked in Starred’s Feedback Form Composer.

Did you know that it’s the name of the page where you create and amend your own feedback forms? The past months, we worked hard on revamping this Form Composer and we are happy to present you this new feedback form composer today!

Where it all started

With current (product) developments and changing features on Starred, we can officially call the former Feedback Composer part of the Starred Stone Age. It was designed and developed in a period when we’d never dared to hope that in a few years time, so many customers would be working with multiple languages and 7 different types of questions.

Makeover time

Long story short: with all customer requests and modifications, we outgrew the old composer. Time to revamp! We thoroughly researched the ultimate usability for this Form Composer, asking ourselves the same question over and over again: How would the Form Composer ideally work for our customers’ This led to the following improvements

What you see is what you get

We started with the biggest change in the new composer; redesigning the environment where you customize the questions within a question grid. Where you previously could only adjust individual questions, you now get an overview of your entire block. The result is that there is now able to be modified and added to ask easier and faster. We believe that this new editor gives you a much better picture of the final result of the blocks: what you see is what you get!

Drag ‘n drop

The design described above allowed us to introduce one of the most requested new features: to easily change the order of questions. Previously, it was only possible to copy the text and paste it elsewhere, but now you can simply drag the entire question to the desired position within the question grid.

Add and Remove

Another big change is the ability to add or remove questions in the question grid. No need to remove the text ?Example? twice from a question row. In addition, no need to click on Preview in order to see what the feedback form looks like for your customers: the new Form Composer page shows you exactly what the form looks like So, less hassle and a better preview when you?re designing the form


We’d love to hear your feedback on the new composer! Is everything working as it should? And does the composer help you to create feedback forms easier and quicker? Give us your feedback via chat or email us at

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