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With a constantly growing number of customers, our platform is used in many different ways: to evaluate events, online purchases, customer service, etc. And for each application, different features are useful and have been built, leading to the versatile software we offer today!

The more the platform is used, the more feature requests we get. What’s on your development roadmap for the coming months? is asked regularly. That’s why we wrote this blog: to offer a peek in the way we develop at Starred and what we’re developing the coming quarter!

Focus An increasingly complex product results in an extending code base as well. That’s why we set a goal for ourselves for the coming 6 months: To re-establish the balance in the quality of the code and the development of new features. By focusing on the quality of code we ensure that we’re able to provide a stable platform. Not only can we offer a faster platform, but it enables us to develop faster as well. Also, instead of delivering several individual features, we’ve selected two big themes for this quarter and develop new features related to these themes.

1. Invitation process to the next level The first theme we’ve selected is the invitation process. The upcoming changes allow you to personalize your invitation (text) even more. What will you notice of this? A lot of positive things! For example, the steps in the invitation process become more logical and in flow. In addition, we’re creating new functionality such as setting your own date for the reminder mail. More news and instructions on the invitation flow in our next Starred Updates!

2. Dashboard logic and data storage The second theme we selected for this quarter is our data storage and the logic behind our dashboard. Why work on this theme? Well, the past months our customers have been asking for more insights and features on our Starred dashboard. In order to provide sustainable new features, we must first take a step back and change the logic behind our dashboard. What will you notice of these changes? In this quarter, probably nothing. The dashboard will continue to operate as it does now. However, the changes do allow us to develop new dashboard features faster and easier in the coming months! And in determining what dashboard functionality really adds value for you as our customer, we need your help!

Do you have a clear vision on the ideal Starred dashboard and are you willing to share your ideas with us? Become one of our Starred Rockstars and help us shape the new functionality! Send an email to for more information.

Beta version In a few weeks, we hope to release a beta version of the improved invitation process to a small part of our customers, before officially launching it to all users. Do you want to be one of the first users to try the renewed invitation process and help us test it? Send an email to and we’ll enable the version for you as soon as possible!

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