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For many companies, Starred is the solution to problematic, old-fashioned customer feedback research. Starred users collect feedback on a continual basis about their relationships with clients, without requiring that the client fills in endless, boring questionnaires. With this method, you can be sure of the health of the service side of your business, and with the aid of Starred’s Priority Matrix you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts to improve.

At Starred we receive ever more requests from companies for us to facilitate evaluation of their customer service. Customer support software like Zendesk or Freshdesk handle support questions with ease, but unfortunately have limited capabilities when it comes to feedback. We’d argue more is required - in the case of Customer Service it’s essential to determine whether the customer’s problem is truly solved.

The shortest questionnaire ever

At Starred we limit our feedback forms to take up only one screen - across all devices -  and our way to evaluate Customer Service takes an even shorter route. Our system offers the possibility to already ask the first question in your email, and to process the response in a direct way, as shown below.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 12.45.25.png

When the customer answers yes:

When a customer clicks yes, you could of course direct them to a feedback form and ask them to expand on why they’re satisfied. But is this really necessary - do you help your client any more by doing this? We think not. The customer is satisfied, so let’s not use up any more of their time and instead capitalise on this good feeling.

In case of positive feedback, it’s therefore possible to direct the customer to a Thank You page, on which you can create a positive atmosphere and thank them sincerely.

When the customer answers no:

In this scenario there’s a difference in perception between the Customer Service agent and the customer: where the agent thinks the problem has been solved, but in the mind of the customer it’s still an open issue. This is a typical scenario wherein a company can lose a client - perhaps unsatisfied with a solution to their problem, the client doesn’t hear anything back from the company. The chances therefore increase that they do not return to the company in the future. This can be avoided by carrying out a quick check with the client before a ticket is closed.

How? When the customer clicks no in the email, we send a feedback form. It will ask the customer what, according to them, is still unresolved and what you can do to fix this. A firefighting email is sent directly to you, a new support ticket is created, and a nominated agent then possesses all the necessary information to act upon the issue. Additionally, you can state on the Thank You page that you’ll do everything possible to fix their problem.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 13.19.25.png

Human Scale

At Starred we’re bringing back the human scale in giving feedback. The number of requests for feedback is ever increasing, and all too often customers are met with endless, tedious questionnaires. By checking up on a customer in the aforementioned way - efficiently determining whether problems are solved (and in the negative case - looking to solve them directly) will have your customers knowing their feedback matters, that you care. These customers are also much more likely to respond to your requests for feedback in the future.

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