Integrating Starred & Zendesk

17 Nov 2016

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Do you use Zendesk as your Customer Support system and do you want to know how your customers value your customer service? Integrate Zendesk with your Starred account and automatically send a feedback request after solving a support ticket.

Asking for feedback starts with setting up the right questions and invitation text. The Starred SurveyStore contains several example forms that you can use to evaluate your Customer Service. For example, the form Customer Service contains some basic questions to evaluate the support.

After setting up a form and invitation text, it is time to integrate Zendesk and Starred. The two main steps are:

Step 1. Set up an HTTP target

  • Click the Settings icon in the sidebar and select Extensions.

  • Select Add Target and then select HTTP target

  • Add a target title, such as ‘Starred feedback’

  • Fill in the web address starred in API Url:[companyID]&auth=[api-key]

  • Select POST as the method and content type Form encoded

  • Basic authentication remains disabled

You can now test your target and then click Submit to add your HTTP target. This Zendesk support article contains additional information on adding targets.

Step 2: Create a trigger

  • Go to Triggers (at Business Rules) and select Add trigger

  • Add a trigger title and determine what conditions need to be met in order for Zendesk to trigger a feedback request from Starred. For example, “Ticket status is Solved”

  • Then, add the actions for your trigger. The action is ‘Notifications: Notify target’ and select the name of your HTTP target

  • Then, fill in all the necessary parameters for the Starred api. These are:

    • form (form ID)

    • from (sender of the feedback invitations)

    • template (invitation text template)

    • language (language of form and invitation)

  • Optionally, you can add your own desired parameters to filter the results and to personalise your invitation text. Examples are: firstname (eg ticket.requester.first_name), lastname (eg ticket.requester.last_name) and name of the agent who handled the request (eg. assignee)

  • Finally, click Submit.

Your trigger is now live! Good luck collecting feedback on your Customer Service!