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Below you can find all the frequently asked questions. Read about the why, the what and how of Starred.

Why Starred?

Generally, companies perform one big customer satisfaction survey once a year. The score that most often comes out is a 7. A 7 means that a customer is indifferent. Indifference means that as soon as the slightest error occurs, he or she will leave for your competitor. This is the main reason companies loose 50% of their customers every 5 years.

It’s when a company scores a 9 or a 10, that real loyalty begins. The fact that it is ten times more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing customers, it seems evident that making sure the latter is happy about your company, is not on the whole a bad idea.

Starred helps companies get more clarity over their customer feedback. When results are accessible and up-to-date at all times, companies will get precisely those insights that tell them how to grow truly loyal customers. After all, loyal customers are much nicer to work with; they order more; and recommend you everywhere they go; making your business all the more likely to grow.

What is Starred exactly?

Starred is more than just your average survey tool. Starred is a smart business platform for your company to instantly collect, analyze and organize all your customer feedback. It’s created to match your company’s look and feel, and built to be as easily implementable and adoptable as possible. Our goal is to make customer feedback hassle-free.

What do you gain from getting Starred?

Concretely you will gain insight into how your customers experience cooperating with your company. This generates the appropriate guidance as to how to make your business relationships more sustainable and resilient in the long run.

Starred sets a new standard with a questionnaire of one single screen. As such, it is easy and cheap to set up for your company; it is easy and fast to fill in for your business customers; and it is simple for your company to make sense of the feedback. Starred gives companies real-time insight into how satisfied their customers are about different areas of the cooperation. With the automated re-rating option businesses get back to their customers to ask whether improvements have been noticed.

In short: You know how to improve, your customer feels heard, and your business relationship flourishes.

Is Starred anonymous?

Starred is anonymous to a certain extent. Only you can see what your customers say about your company. However, customers cannot review you anonymously. After all, you need to know who is satisfied and who isn?t in order to decide where and how to restore the business relationship. It is possible to add an anonymous-button, if you think it is appropriate, like with a employee satisfaction survey.

How do I create an account?

In the upper right corner of you find a button that says “Sign in”. Enter your company email address. Our blog tells you everything about how to get Starred up and running in 8 simple steps.

I would like to invite customers. How can I do that?

Go to ‘Invite’ on the right of the form you want to send. Here you can invite your email contacts one-by-one. It’s also possible to upload an Excel sheet that contains all contact details.

Can I include a personal message when sending the invitation?

Most certainly! You can either choose to use the standard template or you can write a message yourself. Simply save the personal message as template so you don’t have to re-write it every time.

How do I know if someone has given feedback?

When a customer has rated your company you will automatically receive an email notification. This email contains a link (click on it), which will redirect you to the results. In addition you can choose to ?thank? the customer, ask questions, give him or her feedback in return, or, just simply do nothing.

Where can I find the results of the feedback?

You find a button ‘Dashboard’ behind every feedback form. All results are centered and organized over there. You can use the dashboard to analyze the results together or separately. Optimize your business by directing targeted attention to the underperforming areas. Because Starred is realtime, you can easily keep track of whether changes are being observed as positive or negative.

I just received negative customer feedback, what to do?

Your customer is definitely dissatisfied about the relationship. Great that you’ve come to hear this feedback! Now you can take targeted action to discover what is missing and improve your business relationship in response. Either work with the feedback your customer has given you, or ask for further elaboration by sending a private massage.

What is the Starred widget?

The Starred widget is a small realtime application that indicates how customers are valuing your business at the moment. Placing it on your website will convey a feeling of trust, honesty and credibility with prospective business partners.

Do I have to pay for using Starred?

Starred is free to use for the first month in the form of a trial period. Consider it a gift from us to you. We just want to give you the opportunity to fall in love with Starred, that’s all. When you in fact find a fit with your company after the trial month, you can choose the pricing plan that best suits your business(ambitions). Take a look here to see what plan is perfect for you. You can always contact us personally for questions about Starred and the different pricing plans.

I would like to add an extra function that does not seem to be available at the moment. Is that possible?

Absolutely. Currently we are developing at high speed to build in the functionalities that will make your experience with Starred all the more pleasant. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we would love to hear from you. Pose your question here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Tips, suggestions and ideas

We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience with Starred. So if you have tips, suggestions or ideas , please contact us!

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