Why Starred?

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Did you know that…

  • Companies lose 50% of their clients every five years?

  • It’s 8 times more expensive to acquire new clients than to retain existing ones?

  • 80% of employees think their clients are happy, while in fact this is only 8%?

  • A dissatisfied client tells 22 potential clients about it?

  • The main reason that clients leave a company is because of bad service?

Why Starred?

Clients are the lifeblood of every business. Keeping your clients loyal to your brand, requires constant fine tuning to their needs and wishes. Client feedback is invaluable to check whether your business is on that right track. The insights gained from it will help you earn the love of your clients, stay ahead of competition, and guarantee the future success of your business.

However, receiving constructive feedback is often expensive, time consuming and quickly outdated. Starred is different. We believe that managing client feedback can be done way more efficiently, and maybe even more fun too.

How does Starred work?

Starred is not your average survey tool - Starred is the place for all your feedback. Why settle for an improvised patchwork of client satisfaction solutions? Instead, have all your client surveys integrated into one simple system that provides you with high value feedback at your fingertips. Starred sets the new standard for client feedback based on the following 3 principles.

Giving feedback shouldn’t be painful

PROBLEM Anno 2014, it really is not done to annoy your clients with time-consuming client satisfaction surveys, especially when three pages of answered questions equals 8% of the entire survey. These kinds of surveys are usually based solely on what the company wants to know, rather than on what their clients might feel like sharing.

STARRED SOLUTION The one page promise of Starred makes things different: Starred knows time is scarce. It will respect the busy schedules of your clients by using a short and personalized survey that never exceeds the limits of your desktop. Companies come to ask only what is essential, and clients never again have to fill in more than one screen. Your clients will love you for it. And you’ll be amazed by the high response rate.


Feedback shouldn’t be a ‘one off’

PROBLEM Still too often, companies conduct one extensive client satisfaction survey per year. The results accumulate into one major Year Report that typically tends to disappear into someone’s drawer nog long after that. This is only logical: many of the insights in the static Report quickly loose their relevance and urgency.

STARRED SOLUTION Client feedback needs to be a real-time reflection of how things are going now. The dynamic Starred dashboard gives you high value client feedback at your fingertips, enabling your to instantly identify what goes well and where there is room for improvement. Feedback of clients will finally become an integral part of the agenda and stay top of mind throughout the organization.

Closing the feedback loop

PROBLEM What could possibly have more impact than showing your clients you have listened to their feedback and have actually introduced improvements accordingly? This so-called feedback loop is the crucial step towards creating loyal clients, the value of which cannot be overstated: They buy more, stay longer, and promote you everywhere they go. Yet, most companies don’t get it right, or don’t do it at all.

STARRED SOLUTION We at Starred believe that companies should get the ability to easily integrate a client feedback cycle into their organization. With that in mind, we have made it extremely simple to follow up to your clients’ feedback. Simply indicate what you have improved based on their feedback, and invite them to update their earlier feedback form with a re-rating. Your clients feel heard and valued. And you’ll be able to spot trends over time, and check whether improvements have made a positive difference. Imagine the competitive edge, if your company would ensure this loop!\ What’s more, by publishing your Starred-rating you can show to the outside world that clients appreciate you, and therewith increase the confidence of (potential) clients on your company.

Friendly pricing. No extra costs.

The starting point of Starred’s pricing policy is that companies pay a license fee based on the functionalities they use and how big the organization is.

For multinationals and larger companies with various divisions we would love to make a fully tailored Enterprise proposal. Should you be dissatisfied after the first month, we will of course cancel your subscription without any further costs.

See the added value of Starred for your company? For requesting a demo, help with subscribing or answers to questions, you can reach us via: sales@starred.com or +31 20 2610990

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