7 Simple Steps to get Starred

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Why Starred?

Starred helps companies gain vital and scalable insights about their cooperation with other businesses without losing a lot of time or money.

On average, companies perform client satisfaction research only once a year. These reports actually always score a 7. Even though that sounds okay, in the world of satisfaction this is a big fat fail. It means that whenever a small error or price difference occurs the client will leave you. This miscomprehension about the 7 score, is one of the reasons why companies lose 50% of their clients every five years.

Real loyalty starts with a 9 or 10. Since it’s nearly ten times more expensive to acquire new clients compared to retaining existing ones, it’s easy to understand why aiming for the latter is the sensible thing to do. We want to help businesses get the right insights on how to get their loyal clients. You know, loyal clients are also much more fun to work with, and will recommend your business everywhere they come.

In 7 steps towards better insights and active promoters

The 8 steps described below will help you get the most out of Starred.  You’ll be ready for invaluable real-time feedback in no-time!

Step 1: Complete your profile

Upload a profile photo. This will make your feedback invitation more personal, which boosts the number of responses. Tap show profile in the upper right corner to adjust your personal and company details.

Step 2: Invite

Go to invite, right of the relevant feedback-form and select the business clients you wish to receive feedback from. It’s simple to add recipients manually, but it’s even easier to import more recipients at once by uploaden a CSV or Excel document. You can also copy/paste recipients from your Excel document.

Step 3: Write an invitation

Use the standard invitation text or put one together yourself. You can choose to save your written invitation as a template to re-use it in the future. Now you’re ready to receive that feedback from your business clients!

Step 4: New feedback

You’ll be notified whenever you receive feedback. You can look into it in more detail.

In addition your can send a direct message to the person who has given the feedback should you be interested in more elaboration.

Step 5: Analyse all the feedback in your Dashboard

The private Dashboard shows and organises all your results in one place. You’ll see how the feedback has developed over time and which seperate components of your cooperation are going well and which are in need of improvement. Since Starred measures feedback on a coninuing basis, you can easily track whether these improvements have been noticed and have made a positive impact on your clients. Your business is bound to improve!

Furthermore, the Net Promoter Score indicates whether your clients would recommend you to their friends or colleagues. This metric is not without reason, considered to be the ultimate question to measure client loyalty.

Step 6: Show your clients’ happiness on your website

Go to the menu and find Widgets. Select one of the widget designs to showcase your Starred score on your website. This will convey a sense of trustworthiness among your site’s visitors, which is bound to lead to new business opportunities.

Step 7: Go Premium when you’re ready

Starred is free for the first 30 days. After that, you pay for what you use. Should you be dissatisfied after the first month, we will of course cancel your subscription without any further costs.

We hope that we managed to show the usefulness of Starred for your company. For requesting a demo, help with subscribing or answers to questions, you can reach us via: sales@starred.com or +31 20 2610990

Let’s get Starred!

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