4 simple steps towards the ultimate client satisfaction survey for your business

Lynn Groeneveld

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Back in the days, when a company wished to seriously engage with client feedback, it was often condemned to hire expensive research companies. The reason for their exorbitant prices was that its consultants charged per hour. Many of these hours were spent on making questionnaires.

With Starred you can keep this money in your pocket, or use it for the rewarding act of surprising your clients once in a while. We shall explain in 4 simple steps how to quickly come to the ultimate feedback survey. A survey that, on top of everything, is backed by the entire company!

The art of leaving out

It’s not without reason that Twitter has gotten this big with their 140 word limit. By confining people, you challenge them to think of what exactly it is they want to say or ask. As such, we at Starred don’t believe in extensive questionnaires. We do however, believe in the art of leaving out. A first important step is to know what you aim to achieve with the survey. We think this should be about getting concrete insights that directly inspire action that is noticed by your clients. In that way client satisfaction will grow and transform into loyalty.

Step 1: Set up a first draft

To start with we recommend to meet up with a couple of co-workers for, let’s say, half an hour. With regard to the individual ingredients, you could think of a Whiteboard, a couple of pencils and a bunch of post-its. You’ll be surprised by the speed at which you’ll arrive at an excellent first mock-up.

If you go to Forms you can directly transfer these questions into a new survey. You could also choose to start off with one of the forms in the Survey Store.

Step 2: The Wisdom of Crowds

As soon as you have come to this first draft it is time to gather feedback across your company about the draft. By allowing other colleagues to contribute their ideas to the ultimate feedback form, it will become widely supported within the organization. You can easily copy the feedback form and separate the feedback from colleagues from the customers’ feedback, so don’t worry about polluting your future feedback results.

Go to Invite on the right of the feedback form you want to use to gather feedback. As soon as you’ve entered you colleagues’ email addresses you can choose to use the following standard invitation text:

Dear Colleague,

We’ve set up a first draft for the ultimate survey to gather feedback from our clients. Naturally, your opinion can help to make this feedback form all the more accurate. Would you be so kind to share your thoughts?

You can rate the relevance of each question on a scale of 1-10. In case you give some question a low score, could you please leave a comment in the commentary box as to how you would pose the question differently? That way we can make for well-founded optimization! You can look into the survey by pressing the button below:

Many thanks for your help!

Step 3: The Dashboard shows how to optimize

After having received sufficient feedback on the draft, you’ll instantly discover on your Dashboard, which questions are okay and which questions need some revising. The comments of your colleagues should provide you with sufficient guidance.

Step 4: More feedback or prediction assessment

You can decide to send the final version to all your colleagues once again for revision, but you’ll run the risk of getting into too much detail. An alternative is to send it to your colleagues, but this time to ask them how they predict clients would rate the company per question. This can lead to extremely valuable insights afterwards. Oftentimes the problem lies with a perception discrepancy between how a company perceives itself to be doing and how it is actually doing with regard their clients’ happiness.

No outside consultant = no hefty bill

Our experience is that the 4 steps outlined above will help you get Starred up and running fairly quickly. Of course you can decide to hire a consultant after all. The only risk is that this outsider is quite likely to know a lot less about what is important to measure in your business. This can potentially lead to a questionnaire that is not supported as widely as in the approach sketched above, after which you will then be billed.

Should you still be uncertain of your feedback form, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or mail and ask for some quick feedback. We love to assist you in this and help you discover how Starred can help you get more clarity in client feedback! Let’s get Starred!

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