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Mark Berendsen Mark Berendsen

Managing Director

Customer satisfaction survey

Clients ask me from time to time: “What is your own Starred rating?” I had to admit that I was unable to answer that question. But now we’ve done our first survey on a scale that gives us a significant set of data for our own Starred rating. Exciting!

You rate us with a 7.9. And our Net Promoter Score is +31. Those are ratings that we are happy to share. It shows your appreciation and the fact that there is room for improvement.

It has been proven again that feedback is a gift. We received many good suggestions and comments. A few users asked for features that are already possible. Apparently they are not always easy to find. We are now in the position to point this out to these users and simplify things. Others requested specific features which we can add to our roadmap. And we received suggestions for developments with which we can further sharpen our strategy.

We’ve made a distinction between two types of clients in the survey: ‘decision makers’ and ‘users’. We see interesting differences between these groups. For each group other things are important. The first will say: “how useful are the results, what decisions can I make based on the insights and will I see results from those?”, while the second cares more about ease of use, features and quality of support. We can now compare ratings of these two groups in the compare view in our dashboard.

The response rate was excellent. More than one third responded to our survey. That’s good for us, but even better for you as it enables us to be even more client focused from which you will benefit.

Thanks for your feedback, or rather: thanks for your gift!

It's time to make feedback better for everyone. Want to know how?

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