This is our story. Meet Starred.

We are Starred, an all encompassing Candidate Experience Analytics Platform. We were founded with recruitment teams in mind; using the powerful insights from the full hiring process to drive changes that positively impact both hiring teams and candidates.

About Starred and the team
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How we got here

We’re a values-driven organization – the key principles of our culture influence everything from how we work together with customers through to the careful design of the products we build.

Starred was founded by Lars van Wieren in Amsterdam. Joined soon after by Managing Director Mark Berendsen, the company was set to grow with some core product principles.

Lars van Wieren and Mark Berendsen

Having worked together previously at Google, they came together with an idea to change the way businesses handle feedback; no more boring surveys that no one wanted to fill out, Starred was going to be respondent-first. A solution that provided businesses with feedback data with deep and actionable insights.

Over the years, we’ve refined our efforts to build a Recruitment Experience Management platform that works for Talent Acquisition and HR professionals across the globe, providing them with insights into their Candidate Experience, Hiring Team Experience and Quality of Hire. 

We strongly believe that measuring these areas of the hiring process can be the key for the sustainable growth of any forward-thinking business.

As such, our mission has become to provide people with a voice to improve every stage of the hiring process. From both sides; hiring team and candidates. 

Starred is the SaaS solution of choice for Talent Acquisition and HR teams. With a growing team from our office in Amsterdam, and a growing customer base around the globe, we continue to help unlock insights in data that could otherwise be hidden. 

Our mission

Starred’s mission is to help candidates and hiring teams across the globe to have a voice. We want to take the voice of people and turn it into actionable insights, to improve their experiences, optimize their recruitment and build better hiring practices of the future.

The Starred Culture

We are human-centric to our core, and this has been built into our culture. After all, the people you hire are the ones who will help you achieve your goals. 

It all comes down to this – we’re true believers that an engaged, happy workforce accelerates our mission. We also believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is a huge factor; we’ve got colleagues from The Netherlands, Vietnam, Italy, UK, Albania and 7 other nationalities.

We hire people we trust, and trust the people we hire. 

Starred team in a meeting

The Starred Values

A lot of companies will tell you they have values. But how do they bring them to life? 

At Starred, we have 5 core values. They came together based on everything we saw was great about our team, what we need to support our mission, and the idea that these principles would pave the path of our growth. Most importantly, our values empower every team member and their development. 

Our values are lived each day throughout the organization; from taking ownership of a project that you want to see succeed through to starting with the human in everything we do, internally and externally.

Starred Company Values
Work Smarter Value
Work smarter
Build together value
Building together
Embrace and Drive Change Value
Embrace & drive change
Start with the Human Value
Start with the human
Take Ownership Value
Take ownership

Meet the team

We’re a growing vibrant team, with 10 nationalities in a team of 25 and a million different interests amongst us

Starred Boat PartyLars van Wieren and Sophie Kraanen at Greenhouse Open 2022Starred Friday DrinksAdrian our QA Engineer playing musicStarred Fridays on the terrace

Work at Starred

Do you want to join an exciting, human-centric organization in the heart of Amsterdam? Do our mission, values and working culture resonate with you?

Starred colleagues in a meeting


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