Hire better with exceptional Candidate Experience

Candidates are a gold mine of information on your recruitment processes, extracting those insights is the first step to excellence. Remove the guesswork and identify clear facts about the process, from beginning to end.

Use Candidate Experience data to improve your recruitment process and deliver exceptional Candidate Experience.

Did you know that…


of candidates won’t buy from or recommend a company after a bad recruitment experience


of candidates will share their experience online


of candidates have to wait for 3 months or more for a response

"I'm very happy with our Priority Matrix and Starred is an excellent solution to make an internal narrative!"

Greta Dubauskaite
Head of Global Talent Ops
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Improving your Candidate Experience can help you to:

Gain a competitive edge

Create an employer reputation that attracts the best candidates and grows your candidate pool, allowing you to consistently hire the best people into your organization.

Gain a competitive advantage by delivering outstanding Candidate Experience.

Improve your recruitment processes

You can drive quality of hire and better conversion rates with happier candidates, whilst reducing dropout rates of candidates. The data also helps you to train your team of recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers to deliver better interviews and experiences. 

A better Candidate Experience will lead to an improved recruitment process with a higher quality of hire and lower dropout rates.

Identify efficiencies within your organization

Save time and money with more efficient and effective operations by discovering weaknesses and opportunities in your processes by listening to your candidates.

Candidate Experience data will help you find gaps in the recruitment process and allow you to create an efficient recruitment operation.

"Starred is saving me because it captures the data from our Applicant Tracking System and I can actually see and identify any data issues from the software."

Kateryna Myronenko
Talent Project Manager
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We have everything you need to:

  • Measure and Analyze your Candidate Experience
  • Report on all aspects of the recruitment process
  • Gather data at scale from candidates
  • Easily integrate with your ATS to reduce manual efforts
  • Gain understanding of where you should be with benchmark data
  • Get the highest response rates in the market

There is even more!

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“Candidate Experience is about starting with the human. Recruitment is one of the most human careers, and yet Candidate Experience is often forgotten about. We want to change that”

Lars van Wieren
Co-founder and CEO
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