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All Starred Candidate Experience features in one overview.
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Our features in a nutshell

Starred has a range of features to help you collect, measure and analyze your Candidate Experience data to gain a deeper understanding of your hiring process. 

Personalized invitation

Asking for feedback should feel like a conversation between you and the candidate. You can personalize the invitation and surveys with fields directly from your ATS. Result? The personal touch will see your response rates increase. You can even have the survey sent in the language of the candidate.

Use tags to stay personal in your candidate experience surveys.

Customized and branded surveys

Control the look and feel of your surveys – make sure that your communication is always on-brand. Add your brand colors, logo, tone of voice, a background image, languages and more.

Customized and branded candidate experience surveys

Dynamic Thank You Page

The Thank You Page is the page your respondents see when they submit the survey. Based on their sentiment you can show them a customized message. Were they happy? Forward them to Glassdoor so they can leave a review about their interview.

Dynamic thank you pages for your candidate experience surveys

Firefight Response

Our fire-fighting notifications warns the right person on your team when a candidate has a bad experience. You can immediately reach out to your dissatisfied candidates before they share their experience. Even if they are anonymous!

Firefight response to respond to unhappy candidates

Advanced filtering and segmentation

Starred directly pulls all properties and custom fields from your ATS. You can filter your data on these fields in the dashboards.

Advanced candidate experience data filtering

Internal and External Benchmarking

With Starred you can benchmark internal levels with each other, such as department or job function. You can also compare your results with other companies based on industry, geographical location and company size.

Candidate NPS Benchmarks at each stage of the recruitment process

Priority Matrix for actionable improvements

Our Priority Matrix turns your candidate experience data into actionable next steps. Each recruiter, hiring manager, or other stakeholders will get an automated action plan to start improving.

The Starred Candidate Experience Priority Matrix

Role-based insights

It's easy to drown in data. Especially when you have data from thousands of candidates. Starred dashboards are role-based which only shows relevant information tailored to the individuals in your team.

A role-based dashboard to see how recruiter James is performing

Native ATS integrations

In just a few clicks, Starred connects to your ATS and you’ll be ready to benefit from our in-depth integration and automate your candidate experience surveys.

Starred connects directly with your ATS

Custom field pulling from ATS

Starred automatically pulls are your fields from the ATS. You can use these fields to personalize the invitation and surveys which will see your response rates increase. You can also use these fields for data filtering in your Starred dashboards.

The Starred Priority Matrix filtered on a custom field pulled from the ATS.

Data API to merge Starred data in your own BI tool

You will have real-time BI insights within Starred. But we can imagine you want to combine Starred data with other sources for further analysis. Our Data API allows you to pull your Candidate Experience data and merge it in your own BI tool.

The Starred data api lets you export Candidate Experience data to your own BI tool

Starred API for building custom integrations

Use an ATS for which we haven't built a native integration? No worries. With the Starred API, you can easily build your own integration. Send survey invites, generate survey links or get the summary of survey forms. Starred Webhook allows you to subscribe to feedback notifications in real time with feedback data.

For custom integrations, you can use the Starred API.

Single Sign-on

Improve enterprise security with SSO. With SSO enabled, your users will be able to access your organization’s Starred account through your Identity Provider of choice. We are able to integrate with any SAML2.0- and OpenID- compliant Identity Provider.

Starred is SSO friendly.

ISO 27001, GDPR and CCPA compliant

Starred is enterprise level secured, and we have the right certificates to show. We are the only Candidate Experience platform to be ISO 27001 certified.

Starred is the only ISO 27001 certified Candidate Experience solution on the market.

User based Access Rights

You're able to grant or limit access rights to Starred features to preserve privacy. Each Starred user has specific Data Access Policies to their role.

Add Data Access Policies in your Starred account.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team guarantees a successful implementation and will be your continued partner on the road to Candidate Experience excellence.

Testimonial N26 on their Starred Customer Success Manager.

Continued support with live chat

Our support team is always available to help you out on the spot. You can reach out to us with any question you have, and we'll be there to assist you right away.

Our support team is always there for you to support you on your Candidate Experience journey.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Your Customer Success Manager will organize Quarterly Business Reviews with your entire team. You'll discuss results, potential improvements and set goals for the future.

Quarterly business reviews with your Customer Success Manager

"My experience with Starred has been truly empowering. The teams I work with and I really enjoy the easy and user-friendly access to insightful dashboards which often spark interesting discussions and help us outline strategic candidate experience initiatives."

Anna Vecher
Head of TA Operations
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"With Starred, if candidates rate us a 10, it automatically asked if they could give us a Glassdoor review. That is great. That is one of the reasons we wanted to go with Starred."

Pea Lord-Doyle
Global Head of Talent
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"I'm very happy with our Priority Matrix and Starred is an excellent solution to make an internal narrative!"

Greta Dubauskaite
Head of Global Talent Ops
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"It's key to link our Candidate Experience strategy to a strong understanding of our hiring managers' needs. Measuring the experience of our business teams with our talent acquisition organization, we gathered very insightful comments and analytics, opening the door to qualitative discussions which led to reinforcing our partnership!"

Natacha Niox-Chateau
Head of Talent Acquisition Excellence
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"We have been able to more than double our candidate response rate through Starred and appreciate that the platform enables us to capture more nuanced feedback from our candidates."

Esther Chou
People Strategy & Operations
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“One of the great things about Starred is the ability to say how we are doing against our industry. It helps us understand where we need to improve. “

Mathias Connot
Vice President of Talent Acquisition
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