Measure & Optimize your Quality of Hire

Better understand your successes and failures within your recruitment processes by better understanding hiring performance

Supporting top employers worldwide with high-quality Hiring Experiences:

Measuring Quality of Hire can help you to:


People as a perfect match that perform well and fit the company


Cost per hire and employee turnover rates


Goals by hiring the right person for the right role

What you can do with Starred

Understand if your new hires are meeting expectations,
and if your company meets new hire expectations, with our solution:


Gather Perspectives from New Hires and Hiring Managers

Understand whether the Hiring Manager and New Hires are aligned with the expectations of the role, by sending a survey to each party with a selection of tailored questions to get the best insights 6 months after they start.


Identify Trends and Potential Issues

Our solution provides your team with the ability to slice and dice your data to look for patterns. Quantify the quality of your new hires with the Starred Quality of Hire Score. The average score gaps shows if both parties are aligned.


Ensure New Hires and Hiring Managers are aligned

By gathering data from both hiring managers and new hires, you can easily compare the results between the two and identify any contrasting opinions. This also allows you to identify if the new hire is unhappy with your company, reducing the risk of them resigning. You can share this data with the right people, scheduling reports for your internal stakeholders.

custom reports

Advanced Reporting

Inform your team on the overall Quality of Hire. For the wider team, you can create personalized dashboards per role. You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly reports, depending on user role, saving hours of time by sharing the right thing with the right people.

"Love the dashboard and the integration with SmartRecruiters. Very easy to set up and the input is really valuable and helps us focus on the right things in the hiring experience."

Elke Draaijer
Sr. Business Analyst HR Digital
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