Create an exceptional Hiring Team with Starred

Understand on an individual, regional, national or even global basis how your teams and individuals are performing. Compare performance, uncover weak spots and where teams are excelling.

Starred dashboard that shows a recruiter performance matrix.

Don't limit yourself to operational performance. What experience is your hiring team delivering?


Connect Candidate Experience data to your recruiters, coordinators, and sourcers.


Become a business partner and identify how Hiring Managers are treating their candidates.


Starred data will tell you what your interviewers can work on to conduct better interviews.

"You can have a hunch about performance, but without the data to back it up you cannot do anything."

Corbmac McKay
Global Tech Talent Acquisiton Lead
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Discover how Starred can help your Hiring Team excel

See which features provide your team with a clearer picture.

Role-based dashboards 

Starred’s role based dashboards allow you to clearly see the areas of Candidate Experience that most relate to your role, for example if you are a Recruitment Manager you can clearly see an overview of your team and their performance. 

Role based dashboards for Recruitment Managers

Recruiter and Hiring Manager Priority Matrix

Clearly understand how the overall hiring team is performing throughout the process, and where they could improve to identify your weaknesses and strengths within the team by getting scores for both.

A priority matrix for each individual in the hiring team

Individual NPS

Each individual will have their own NPS scores to create accountability within the team. As the data is aggregated, it’s a clear indicator if someone is over or under performing. You can easily benchmark this against external and internal factors. 

Candidate NPS per individual in the hiring team

Hear from our customer Backbase

By linking Candidate Experience scores to individuals in the hiring team, Backbase can set team and individual KPIs.

"Considering we only hire a small fraction of all the candidates we meet and interview, Starred allows us to have a comprehensive approach to recruitment. We don't only focus on the number of hires but also the quality of the candidate experience each recruiter creates."

Denise Garcia Vilte
Talent Acquisition Manager
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