Hire quickly,  reduce costs, and use resources effectively

Insightful feedback from your candidates and hiring team will help you streamline your recruiting strategy and improve the hiring process.

Starred users see their recruitment operations become more efficient and effective.

Use actionable insights to improve your


With insights from your candidates and hiring team you can coach and train your people to improve.


Maximize efficiency and save time by finding and solving gaps in your recruitment process.


Identify what in your tech stack is working well, what isn’t and what new technology your operations need to improve.

"My experience with Starred has been truly empowering. The teams I work with and I really enjoy the easy and user-friendly access to insightful dashboards which often spark interesting discussions and help us outline strategic candidate experience initiatives."

Anna Vecher
Head of TA Operations
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Leverage Starred to improve your recruitment operations:

Save costs by working on what matters

No more guesswork. Save costs by working only on the things that matter. Starred shows you exactly what needs your attention so you won’t spend time and money on things that don’t have an impact.

Starred users save costs by working on recruitment initiatives that matter.

Fill roles quicker at lower costs

Data from your candidates will tell you how you can improve your recruitment operations to reduce friction, retain talent throughout the journey and shorten the process so you can hire faster at reduced cost.

Starred users fill roles quicker at lower costs with a more effective recruitment process.

Have a solid tech stack

Discover what technology is needed to improve your operations, or what current tools are letting your operations down. By building a resilient tech stack, you can enable your Talent Acquisition team to do their best work

An overview of a potential recruitment technology stack.

Improved Candidate Experience

Improve your Candidate Experience with a quick and simple recruitment process, the right technology and a skillful and thoroughly trained hiring team.

Recruitment operations managers use Starred to improve the Candidate Experience.

“Wolt have been able to develop new ways of working within Talent Acquisition without a knock-on effect to Candidate Experience with the analytics from Starred.”

Shaun Rudden
Head of Talent Excellence
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We have everything you need to:

  • Automatic feedback Collection from candidates, recruiters, hiring managers, and new hires.
  • Seamless Visualization and Analysis of data
  • Scheduled Internal and External Reporting
  • No-Code ATS Integration to save hours weekly
  • Live Industry Benchmarks
  • 33% average Response Rates
Candidate Experience
Measure your Candidate Experience throughout the recruitment process with customized and automated surveys.
Hiring Team Experience
Starred sends automated surveys to your Hiring Managers and Recruiters to learn about their experience.
Quality of Hire
We combine the perspective of the Hiring Manager and New Hire to quantify your Quality of Hire.