Candidate Experience Cost Calculator

Calculate the potential revenue you lose and can potentially save with Candidate Experience.

This exercise is for businesses where candidates are also (potential) customers.

  • First we need to understand how many rejected candidates we have on a yearly basis,

  • Next up we look at the candidates who have had a negative experience (detractors). You might know this from your own data, but our data shows on average 45% of rejected candidates are detractors.

  • Research shows that around 41% of candidates who had a negative experience will avoid doing business with the company.

  • If we multiply this by the average yearly spent per customer, we understand the potential revenue lost because of Candidate Experience. Either from candidates who are already a customer or candidates that will avoid becoming a customer in the future.

  • Don't know the average spent? Your colleagues in finance might know this number.

  • Now, if we take actions to improve the Candidate Experience and decrease the number of detractors, we can calculate its business impact. Starred customers, on average, decrease the number of detractors by 10% in the first year.

“Starred allows us to keep a steady, real-time pulse on what our candidates are thinking. We have no shortage of responses, because of the easy UI for the candidates.“
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But there's more..


Of detractors said they would tell their friends about it. Multiplying the number of detractors by a lot.


would not apply again after a bad Candidate Experience, decreasing your talent pool.


times more likely are candidates to apply again if they had a good experience.