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We always put the respondent first

Feedback is important, but it shouldn’t become a weapon aimed at yourself. At Starred we respect the busy schedule of your clients by asking every question on one single page. This is how we achieve the highest response rates in the market.

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Turn insights into action with the right priority

We offer real-time insights, including the right priority per client group. But of course behind every response is a client with it’s own story. That’s why we offer an extensive tool kit to follow up on feedback personally and scalably. Curious how?

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User friendly and affordable software

We don’t believe in expensive research agencies that deliver big reports and send even bigger invoices. We find that software can do this better and more user friendly. Experience how you can 'get Starred' in 10 minutes and receive your first client feedback

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Starred is the solution for every company

It doesn’t matter whether your company is small or large, customer satisfaction is our first priority

Seamless integrations

Automate customer feedback and link your CRMs to Starred