Measure and Optimize
Recruiter and Hiring Manager Experience

Collect feedback from your recruiters and hiring managers. Use insights into their engagement, experience, and collaboration to create an unbeatable Hiring Team Experience.

Hiring Manager Satisfaction and Recruiter Experience dashboard within Starred.
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Build a hiring team that is set up for success


Is the average NPS score Hiring Managers give to recruitment teams that use Starred.


Of recruiters are more likely to stay at their current work than unengaged recruiters.


The biggest driver of a talent acquisition team's performance is developing strong relationships with hiring managers.

Measure the experience of your entire Hiring Team

Effortlessly collect feedback from your recruitment team, hiring managers and other stakeholders and use insights to drive engagement and happiness.

Hiring is a collaborative effort –
make sure everyone is engaged

Understand what keeps your recruiters engaged and hiring managers happy.
We guide you to a strong relationship by collecting feedback from all parties involved.


Measure Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Get closer to your hiring managers by starting the conversation. You will get a real-time understanding of how your hiring managers feel about working with the recruitment team. You can also peek into Starred’s benchmark data to understand how your competitions hiring managers rate their recruitment teams, to see if you’re on the right track.

A Hiring Manager Satisfaction dashboard within the Starred environment

Leverage a strong Internal Partnership

Connect the dots between recruiter and hiring manager feedback, and discover opportunities to improve the collaboration to create strong bonds. A successful talent acquisition function is built on a strong partnership between recruiters and hiring managers.

Improve the collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers by collecting ongoing feedback from both parties.

Act on gaps in the partnership

Your insights will tell you where opportunities for improvement are, which changes and improvements could have the biggest impact on your hiring team experiences. You can easily find gaps in the collaboration and work towards an optimal recruitment operation within your organization

The score quadrant will show you where your recruiters and hiring managers are not aligned, and thus, where you should focus on first.

Recruiter Engagement 

Next to happy hiring managers and a healthy partnership, you need an engaged recruitment team. You can get a clear understanding of your recruiters’ engagement with Starred’s Recruiter Engagement solution.

Not your typical Engagement Survey, you can collect continuous role-specific insights which helps you to boost engagement and in turn productivity, tenure, and rate of professional development.

With Starred you can measure your Recruiter Engagement and identify what you need to work on to reduce recruiter turnover.

"It's key to link our Candidate Experience strategy to a strong understanding of our hiring managers' needs. Measuring the experience of our business teams with our talent acquisition organization, we gathered very insightful comments and analytics, opening the door to qualitative discussions which led to reinforcing our partnership!"

Natacha Niox-Chateau
Head of Talent Acquisition Excellence
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