Employer Branding starts with exceptional Candidate Experience

Boost your Employer Brand by providing exceptional Candidate Experience

By improving your Candidate Experience you will see your reputation as an employer improve.

"Good Candidate Experience elevates our employer brand. One bad experience could completely destroy our employer brand."

Ella Cullen
Employer Branding Lead
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Employer Brand and Candidate Experience:

Strengthen your Employer Brand with great Candidate Experience

When a candidate has a great Candidate Experience, they are going to talk positively about your brand to friends and family. Ensure that your Candidate Experience is representative of your Employer Brand from beginning to end.

Employer Branding specialists understand that with great Candidate Experience comes a strong Employer Brand.

Increase your talent pool

An outstanding Candidate Experience can live in the minds of people for a long time, and more likely than not ensure they’ll stay in your talent pool for future roles. As more and more people buy into companies that are values-led, showing your values through exceptional Candidate Experience will provide the first pick of the best in the market.

A strong employer brand leads to an increased talent pool.

Brand Ambassadors 

Create brand ambassadors out of your candidates, by providing a valuable experience that will make them loyal to your brand; both in terms of applying for roles and also purchasing your products as future buyers.

A snowball effect happens and you will get more brand ambassadors which in turn strengthens your Employer Brand even more.

Boost your Glassdoor ratingss

We know that Glassdoor is one of the first places people look when searching for a role, and as such candidates with a positive experience are likely to share theirs on Glassdoor to help boost your brand. Your efforts in Candidate Experience will encourage others to apply and subsequently improve your talent attraction.

Before applying, candidates often check Glassdoor to see how it's like working there. Starred will help you boost your Glassdoor ratings.

“Wolt have been able to develop new ways of working within Talent Acquisition without a knock-on effect to Candidate Experience with the analytics from Starred.”

Shaun Rudden
Head of Talent Excellence
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We have everything you need to:

  • Bolster your Employer Brand with great Candidate Experience
  • Turn your detractors into promoters
  • Understand the potential risks to your brand
  • Turn candidates into brand ambassadors
  • Understand where you should be against competitors
  • Improve your Glassdoor rating with easy referrals

How to boost your Employer Brand

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