Optimize hiring with Candidate Experience Analytics

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven hiring. Starred's Candidate Experience analytics platform provides actionable insights to improve your hiring process, hire better talent faster, and at a lower cost.

Supporting top employers worldwide with high-quality Hiring Experiences:

Talent Acquisition teams around the world use Starred to collect insights straight from their candidates


Say they’ve collected insights to improve their Candidate Experience


Of your time saved by automation compared to other solutions.


Say Starred is easy to use for measuring and analyzing Candidate Experience

Build meaningful relations with your candidates

We translate feedback from all your candidates into clear insights to improve your Candidate Experience.

Powerful reporting

Make impactful decisions based on data

Say goodbye to endless data reports. Use our predictive analytics to focus on the areas that will maximize impact. With the Starred Priority Matrix, you can easily identify your key focuses that yield the best results. You can go beyond the surface by zooming in on the department, recruiter, job function, and more.

The Starred Priority Matrix shows you what has the highest impact on your Candidate Experience.
Survey Design

Give a voice to all your candidates

Ask the questions you need answers to by designing your own surveys down to different languages and branding. 

Our surveys are designed to be personalized and engaging from start to finish, resulting in the highest response rate in the market. If you need inspiration you can take it from our Survey Template Gallery.

Starred allows you to completely design your own candidate experience surveys down to branding and language.
Industry Benchmarks

Make your Candidate Experience a competitive advantage

Sometimes it’s hard to know where you should be, but with our benchmark data you are able to compare where you are with your region, company size or industry.

This allows you to clearly see how your team is performing on a comparative scale, showing if you are above, on or below benchmark.

With Starred, you can benchmark your candidate experience to your industry and region. Allowing you to understand what good performance looks like.
No-code ATS integrations

Get more insights in no time

You won’t need a developer to integrate Starred to your ATS. Increase the team’s efficiency and save hours of manual work. The right survey is delivered to the right candidate at the right time. What’s left to do? Use the ready-made insights and start improving.

Starred has no-code integrations with the biggest Applicant Tracking Systems on the market.

“One of the great things about Starred is the ability to say how we are doing against our industry. It helps us understand where we need to improve. “

Mathias Connot
Vice President of Talent Acquisition
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