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Core features included in every plan

Infrastructure, API and Integrations

Integrate Starred with your ATS or HR platform with turnkey integrations and flexible APIs

Unlimited users

Add any colleague you wish to your account, and manage user rights on an individual level

Form Gallery

Pick your survey form from our gallery, and amend it to suit your needs

Priority Matrix

Discover the drivers of your NPS and the main areas of improvement for you to focus on


Next to the priority matrix, your standard dashboards offer: response rate, NPS (timeline, distribution, comments),
Question block summart chart and question ranking chart

Monitoring and alerts

Get notified of negative feedback (fire-fight alert) to be able to quickly act upon it

Advanced invitation settings

Add the most important question in the invition email, schedule invitations, manage reminders and more

Two Factor Authentication

An extra layer of security to confirm your user's indentities

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Starred allows you to manage privacy through features like data retention settings, or individual respondent deletion.
There is a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement set in place


Your results are benchmarked against all responses per journey type specific

Plan comparison

Number of Starred users per companyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Available journey typesRejected after interviewMultipleAll available
Data history50 responsesAll responsesAll responses
Dynamic Thank You page-
Integrations/Starred Connect
Bespoke dashboards-Add-on
Fields or properties151530
SupportOnlineOnline/chat/emailDedicated support
Security consultation-Add-on
Bespoke Data Processing Agreement (DPA)-Add-onAdd-on
Guided Onboarding & Implementation-Add-on
Dedicated Customer Success Manager-Add-on
Download all data-
LanguagesEnglishAll availableAll available
Data Access Policies-Add-onAdd-on
Payment-Credit card or InvoiceInvoice




Number of Starred users per companyUnlimited
Available Journey TypesMultiple
Data HistoryAll responses
Dynamic Thank You page
Integrations/Starred Connect
Bespoke DashboardsAdd-on
Fields or properties15
Security ConsultationAdd-on
Bespoke Data Processing AgreementAdd-on
Guided Onboarding & ImplementationAdd-on
Dedicated Customer Success ManagerAdd-on
Download all data
LanguagesAll available
Data Access PoliciesAdd-on
PaymentCredit card or Invoice


What are Journey Types?

These are the stages at which you want to collect feedback. So, for instance, it’s a specific journey type you’re referring to when you talk about the touchpoint after a candidate has been hired.

Do I get unlimited volume?

You have unlimited volume per journey type based on ‘fair use’. For example, your volume could include everyone you reject after application or everyone you hire.

What’s the difference between the annual and the monthly plan?

Customers with an annual plan pay for their license in advance, and they get a discount worth two months (~17%) for their commitment. In other words, customers with a monthly plan pay a small premium for their plan’s flexibility.

How do you determine the right number of employees?

We ask you to insert your business’s number of employees truthfully before the beginning of your contract, and the renewal of the following one. We check this information through publicly available information, such as LinkedIn data, or your company’s annual/quarterly reports.

What does ‘security consultation’ mean?

Our security documentation includes extensive information on our technical and organizational measures. If you still need Starred to fill out your company-specific security questionnaire, as well as any other checklist, or if you need to speak with our technical team, we consider this a security consultation.

In what languages is Starred available?

The users within your organization can use Starred in English. The respondents, meaning your candidates and/or employees, can use Starred in a number of languages. We advise you to check with your Starred contact if the languages you need are available, or can be made available to you.

What support service level do you offer?

We are based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and are available during CET business hours (09:00-17:30) for live chat support.
We do our absolute best to answer all your emails within 24 hours, meaning you’ll have your answer either during the same business day, or the following day.

How can we pay?

Credit cards are our preferred option, as it saves both of our organizations a lot of administrative work. For our annual plan, we offer to pay via bank transfer within 30 net days after the invoice’s been sent out. The invoice will be released upfront, at the start of a Starred license period, or at its renewal.

"Starred is an excellent tool, that has helped us gain insight into the views of our applicants and hiring managers. We’ve been able to make adaptions to our recruitment process in the spirit of continuous improvement, as a result of what the surveys answers have shown us."

-Adele King

Performance and Process Improvement Manager – Talent Experience

"The whole setup was super simple! The Greenhouse integration took only a few minutes, and the setup of the surveys, as well as the internal logics, were very intuitive. The Support Team was very responsive and could help me with everything I was unsure about."

-Valentin Neumann

Global Head of Operations HR

"Starred has allowed us to gain valuable insight into our candidate experience. This data has given us a deeper understanding of the needs of our candidates, enabling us to enhance our overall experience and continue to attract top talent."

-Brianna Streeter

Candidate Experience Program Manager

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