A pricing plan for everyone


Perfect for companies up to 100 employees

Free access to:

  • All analytics features
  • One survey


For companies up to 5,000 employees

Everything in Free, plus:

  • Up to 5,000 employees
  • Surveys on multiple journey types
  • All responses visible


For companies with more than 5,000 employees

Everything in Scale, plus:

  • Over 5,000 employees
  • All available journey types
  • Dedicated Customer Success
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Core features included in every plan

  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]API and Integrations[.c-title]Integrate Starred with your ATS or HR platform with turnkey integrations and flexible APIs[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Priority Matrix[.c-title]Discover the drivers of your NPS and the main areas of improvement for you to focus on[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]GDPR and CCPA Compliance[.c-title]Starred allows you to manage privacy through features like data retention settings, or individual respondent deletion.There is a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement set in place, and Starred is ISO 27001 certified[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Dashboards[.c-title]Next to the priority matrix, your standard dashboards offer: response rate, NPS (timeline, distribution, comments), Question block summary chart and question ranking chart. We also offer role-based dashboards with insights relevant to specific functions in your organization[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Monitoring and alerts[.c-title]Get notified of negative feedback (fire-fight alert) to be able to quickly act upon it[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Two Factor Authentication[.c-title]An extra layer of security to confirm your user's identities[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]User rights[.c-title]Manage user rights on an individual level[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Survey Template Gallery[.c-title]Pick the best-in-class survey form from our gallery, and amend it to suit your needs. There’s a suggested invitation text for every survey ready for you to use[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Advanced invitation settings[.c-title]Include the most important question in the invition email, schedule invitations, manage reminders and more[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]In-depth Benchmarks[.c-title]Your results are benchmarked against all responses per journey type specific. Starred allows you to filter the benchmarkon region, company size, or industry[.c-bullet-content]

There is even more!

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Plan comparison

  • More than 10 Starred users per company Add-on
  • Multiple available journey types
  • Dynamic Thank You page
  • Integrations/Starred Connect
  • Role-based dashboards
  • 30 Fields or properties
  • Load more


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