A pricing plan for every company hiring at scale


Starting at €10,000 / year


  • One module of your choice
  • 10 users included
  • ATS integration
  • Surveys in all available languages
  • Access to global benchmarks


Starting at €15,000 / year

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • A second module of your choice
  • Up to one yearly business review
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)


Price available upon request

Everything in Business, plus:

  • 3+ modules of your choice
  • Up to two yearly business reviews
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Data API Access
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Improved Candidate Experience

Your candidates are a goldmine of information. Give them a voice and see how much you’ll learn. Use data-driven insights to:

  • Increase your offer acceptance rate,

  • Improve your talent attraction quality,

  • Create happier new hires and boost employee engagement

Older man that a great interview experience with a Starred customer

Measure the experience of your entire recruitment team

Collect feedback from your recruiters and hiring managers. Use insights into their engagement, experience, and collaboration to create an unbeatable Hiring Team Experience.

Internal Partnership Module Product Image

Start your new hires off right

Get valuable insights on how new hires experience every element of your onboarding process and use data-driven insights to create motivated and engaged employees

Onboarding survey product image

Measure and optimize Quality of Hire

Gather data from both new hires and hiring managers, identifying discrepancies and areas of improvement to make sure that new hires are performing at their best.

Measure various indicators of company fit, job fit, and performance to gather an understanding of how well your new hires are fitting in.

Measure and improve Employee Engagement

Use tailored surveys to get an understanding of how your employees feel about every part of their jobs. Leverage advanced data segmentation to ensure your employees are enthusiastic, engaged, and productive.

Employee engagement product image

Create an inclusive and equitable recruitment process for all your candidates

Our dedicated module lets you drill down into your Candidate Experience data and see how included different candidates feel.

Analyze anonymized data, broken down by EEOC category, and ensure that every candidate feels respected and included.

*Our DEI module is only available for U.S-based companies using Greenhouse

Diversity and inclusion product image

Core features included in every plan

  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Data Dashboards & Visualization[.c-title]Break down your data using intuitive dashboards, diving deep into response rates, NPS (timeline, distribution, comments), Comment Analysis, and more[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Priority Matrix[.c-title]Discover what drives your NPS and identify main areas of improvement using our predictive algorithms[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]In-depth Benchmarks[.c-title]Starred features in-depth global benchmarks based on your peers for NPS< response rates and question subject, broken down by region, department, country, company size, and more.[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Survey Template Gallery[.c-title]Pick the best-in-class survey form from our gallery, and amend it to suit your needs. There’s a suggested invitation text for every survey ready for you to use[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Dynamic Thank You Pages[.c-title]Turn rejections into a positive experience and boost Candidate Experience by directing candidates to the Candidate Academy, setting them up for success in their future job searches[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Role Based Dashboards[.c-title]Create dashboards tailored to every role, maintaining alignment and ensuring that all your team members are able to access immediately relevant information.[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Automatic Scheduled Reporting[.c-title]Use customizeable, fully automatic reports to keep your teams fully aligned and informed of all your data[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Surveys in 30 Languages[.c-title]Send surveys in multiple languages, including support for left-to-right scripts and dozens of different languages.[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Comment Analysis[.c-title]Our machine learning algorithm automatically analyzes qualitative comments at scale, complete with sentiment and topic analysis so that you can make sure candidates are always heard[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Monitoring and Alerts[.c-title]Get immediately notified of negative feedback using our fire-fighting notifications so you can quickly act upon it[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Advanced Invitation Settings[.c-title]Include the most important question in the invitation email, schedule invitations, manage reminders and more[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]API and Integrations[.c-title]Integrate Starred with your ATS, including Grenhouse, SmartRecruiters, iCIMS, Workday, SuccessFactors and more using the intuitive, no-code Starred Connect, Take advantage of flexible APIs for more detailed integration[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]GDPR and CCPA Compliance[.c-title]Starred allows you to manage privacy through features like data retention settings or individual respondent deletion. There is a GDPR compliant Data Processing Agreement set in place.[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Two Factor Authentication[.c-title] Leverage an extra layer of security to confirm your users' identities[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Data Access Policies and User Rights[.c-title]Manage user rights on an individual level and set Data Access Policies however you wish.[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]ISO 27001 Certified[.c-title]Starred is fully ISO 27001 certified and fully dedicated to keeping your data safe and secure.[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Secure Anonymity Settings[.c-title]Fully anonymize your data depending on what your team requires, or let users choose using a simple toggle directly in the surveys[.c-bullet-content]
  • [.c-bullet-content][.c-title]Support[.c-title]We offer support to all our customers via live chat and e-mail, available on business days from 09:00 to 17:30 Amsterdam time[.c-bullet-content]


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