Understand your Candidates by understanding your NPS

Use the NPS to uncover a range of insights into what your candidates want and feel. 

Candidate NPS is the leading metric to quantify your Candidate Experience.

Measure your candidates NPS at each stage


By understanding your NPS, you can easily drill down into the different reasons candidates are withdrawing.


Your rejected candidates are your biggest risk area, identify the triggers and concerns of these candidates. 


Your Hired NPS provides you with the ability to see if the people who were successful were happy with the process.  

Quantify your Candidate Experience with the Net Promoter Score

The number one metric to measure, analyze, and benchmark your Candidate Experience.

Measure the entire journey 

Understand the entire journey of your candidates with our Applicant Journey Overview, and measure the NPS at each stage to understand how your candidates feel.

Identify your Candidate NPS at each stage of the recruitment process.

Benchmark your NPS against your competition

Have you ever wondered how companies in San Francisco, in the technology sector with 10,000+ are treating their candidates? With our benchmarking feature, you don’t need to wonder because you can see exactly that and identify whether you are above, on or below the benchmark.

Benchmark your Candidate NPS to companies of your size and in your industry and geographical location.

Priority Matrix 

With Starred, we will tell you the drivers of your NPS. This will help you understand what you need to improve, what you are doing well and what will have the most impact on your overall Candidate Experience.

The Starred Priority Matrix shows you what is moving the needle on your Candidate NPS

Hiring Manager and Recruiter NPS 

Creating a good Candidate Experience means ensuring that all things within your recruitment process work optimally, and that includes all elements of the hiring team. With Starred, you can delve into Recruiter and Hiring Manager NPS to identify your strongest and weakest links.

For a full picture of your recruitment performance, start measuring your Recruiter NPS and Hiring Manager NPS.

Hear from our customer HelloFresh

The Starred Priority Matrix allows HelloFresh to understand how to move the needle on their Candidate NPS

"I'm very happy with our Priority Matrix and Starred is an excellent solution to make an internal narrative!"

Greta Dubauskaite
Head of Global Talent Ops
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