The ultimate Candidate Experience integration for Workday

Automatically collect feedback from your candidates and hiring managers and use actionable insights to optimize your recruitment operations and deliver the experiences your candidates deserve.

Starred is the Greenhouse Customer-Preferred partner for Candidate Experience Surveys.

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"My experience with Starred has been truly empowering. The teams I work with and I really enjoy the easy and user-friendly access to insightful dashboards which often spark interesting discussions and help us outline strategic candidate experience initiatives."

Anna Vecher
Head of TA Operations
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"Good Candidate Experience elevates our employer brand. One bad experience could completely destroy our employer brand."

Ella Cullen
Employer Branding Lead
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"With Starred, if candidates rate us a 10, it automatically asked if they could give us a Glassdoor review. That is great. That is one of the reasons we wanted to go with Starred."

Pea Lord-Doyle
Global Head of Talent
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"Using Starred has allowed us to give a voice to our candidates and to prioritize what matters to them. We know exactly where we can have the most impact and we can translate that into team KPIs."

Denise Garcia Vilte
Talent Acquisition Manager
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"Love the dashboard and the integration with SmartRecruiters. Very easy to set up and the input is really valuable and helps us focus on the right things in the hiring experience."

Elke Draaijer
Sr. Business Analyst HR Digital
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"It's key to link our Candidate Experience strategy to a strong understanding of our hiring managers' needs. Measuring the experience of our business teams with our talent acquisition organization, we gathered very insightful comments and analytics, opening the door to qualitative discussions which led to reinforcing our partnership!"

Natacha Niox-Chateau
Head of Talent Acquisition Excellence
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"We have been able to more than double our candidate response rate through Starred and appreciate that the platform enables us to capture more nuanced feedback from our candidates."

Esther Chou
People Strategy & Operations
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“One of the great things about Starred is the ability to say how we are doing against our industry. It helps us understand where we need to improve. “

Mathias Connot
Vice President of Talent Acquisition
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Measure and improve your Candidate Experience

Our solution plugs right into Workday and collects feedback throughout your entire recruitment process. No manual work needed.

Surveys are automatically triggered from your Workday and send in the right language to the right candidate. Measure the experience of all your candidates at each stage of the recruitment process.
Our dashboards turn feedback from thousands of applicants into data you can easily understand. Easily filtered on levels, such as recruiter, department, country, and job role. Each individual in the hiring team will have role based access.
Starred provides actionable next steps for the entire organization, but also per recruiter or hiring manager – based on what has the highest impact on your cNPS. Perfect for large businesses with enterprise operations.

How does the Starred & Workday integration work?

Customized surveys

Automated surveys for each stage of the recruitment process

Customize survey questions and design for your withdrawn, rejected, and hired candidates at each stage of the recruitment process. Need inspiration? Take a template from our gallery.

Candidate Experience surveys in branding of Dropbox.

Become data-driven with clear priorities on all business levels

We’ll tell you the drivers of your Candidate Experience filtered on each recruiter, hiring manager, department, and more. Each element of the hiring process will have clear and tangible next steps towards Candidate Experience excellence.

A Starred Priority Matrix shows the priority ranking of Candidate Experience for Workday users.
Candidate NPS & benchmarks

Track your performance and compare to others

Get to the bottom of your Candidate Experience with one question. Use Candidate NPS as your lead Candidate Experience metric and benchmark your results to peers in your industry, location or company size.

Workday customers use Starred to measure their Candidate NPS and compare it with their industry using benchmarks.
In-depth integration

Starred Connect: Your easy integration

Starred is built for enterprises. Build your own workflow to make sure each candidate gets a personalized survey invite in their language at exactly the right time. No manual work involved. Add delays, and pull fields from your ATS for data filtering.

Starred automates all Candidate and Hiring Manager surveys within Workday.

How Workday users hire better with Starred

Candidate Experience
Leverage NPS and measure your Candidate Experience throughout your recruitment process with customized and automated surveys.
Hiring Team Experience
Starred sends automated surveys to your Hiring Managers and Recruiters to learn about their experience and measure the Internal Partnership.
Quality of Hire
We combine the perspective of the Hiring Manager and New Hire to quantify your Quality of Hire.

Make data-driven improvements to your Hiring Experience

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